typhoon Santi

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Originally posted on: http://jenniebebe.tumblr.com

Finally, after almost 12 hours, our electricity is back. Weee!

I was alone in the living room at 4am when the lights went out. I had a feeling it was gonna happen when the lights started flickering around 3am. So I readied the candles & the matches. I couldn’t find the flashlight, but I thought my phone’s backlight would be sufficient, as I have used it briefly as a night light before.

When the lights went out, I quickly lit a candle & ran as fast as i could without snuffing out the flame. Hahaha! Classic cowardly move by Jennie. :p

I stayed in my room reading a book. If mom were alive she’d tell me my eyesight s going to go bad if I continue reading a book with a candle light. I used to tell her my eyesight has been bad since the 2nd grade. Hehe.

While I was reading the book, I was scared & distracted by the howling wind. I think that was during the peak of the storm. The wind was really intense. I thought our roof was going to be peeled off, by the sound of it. It seemed like it was shaken loose. I found out in the morning that the branches of our mango tree was scraping the roof & that was the sound I heard.

There wasn’t much rain fall but the wind was really strong and it went around in circles.

In the morning when I went to the backyard, all of dad’s banana trees were uprooted as well as the big ipil ipil tree. As I passed by the mango tree, I heard gushing water. The water pipe broke because the tree was almost uprooted. Yikes!

My phone’s battery was almost dying so I couldn’t take a picture of the destruction left by Typhoon Santi at our backyard. I’m just happy none of us got hurt & the typhoon is going out of the country.