RIP Pres Cory Aquino

Saturday, August 01, 2009

As my shift ended at 6 this morning, I felt so excited because it was finally my rest day. I was happy beyond words that the work week had ended.

On the drive from the office, I admired the yellow ribbons on the trees at Fort Global City. I was going to take pictures because it was a beautiful sight. Then our driver said, "Namatay na si Cory, no?" I felt sadness wash over me. All I could say was, "Ha? Kelan pa?" He said, "Kaninang 3:18am".

I couldn't help it. My lachrymal glands went on overdrive and I was thankful for the big shades I was wearing. Since we were gonna pass by Heritage on the way home from work, I wanted to tell our driver to go there. Feeling ko naman kapamilya ako.

But I felt as if I lost a relative, too. I only knew 2 Presidents growing up: Marcos & Tita Cory (she was everyone's Tita, it seems).

Tita Cory held power but she remained humble. I guess that's why she was loved by many.

We were listening to the radio on the way home and I couldn't help but remember how it was when mom passed away 4 years ago. Siguro kaya din sobrang nalungkot ako at naiyak, kasi nakakarelate ako. Pareho silang cardi-pulmonary arrest ni mommy & they were both battling stage 4 cancer. Emo mode na naman ako kanina.

Then when my tears ceased, Jose Mari Chan's song written by Ninoy Aquino for Cory, played on the radio. Which started another bout of crying. I texted my tita and I just had to laugh at her reply. Sabi daw nya sa cousin ko kanina na pag nalaman ko na namatay na si Tita Cory, iiyak na naman ako. Hihi. My Aunt knows me so well. :p Alam nyang numero unong iyakin ang pamangkin nya. ^_^

Tita Cory had a lot of contributions to our country. She showed the world the true empowerment of women in a very patriarchal society. She remained humble and showed utmost courage.

Thank you for helping restore democracy in the country, Tita Cory. Rest in Peace.