Kulasa ka ba?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Answer these in your notes and share with a fellow Kulasa:

1. Have you ever been to Salazar's office?
Suki ako ni Ms. Salazar nung 2nd yr HS, kasi halos everyday late ako. Hmpft. carpool kasi kami pos lagi sila late, kaya damay din kami. Kulang na alng sabihin sa kin ni Ms. Salazar, sawang-sawa na ako sa iyo.

2. Do you know what the pink slips and blue slips are for?
Ahaha! Of course. blue is for late, pink is for absent

3. Did you ride a school bus going to school?
1st yr HS only

4. What was your favorite food in campus?
deviled egg sandwich, roast beef!, sizzling, barbeque and hotdog na kahit mahaba pila, pipila pa din, melon shake

5. Do you prefer the St. Cecilia's hall or the little theater?
Little Theater kasi malamiiig. pos may mumu ^_^

6. Do you think putting down your straps was cool, weird, untidy, stylish?
mas cool pag isa lang ang bagsak. parang di sinadya :)) <--- haha! agree ako jan, chie.

7. Have you ever worn long socks that you rolled down to become shorter?
ay baduy, di nakaroll, nakascrung yung St. Michael's pa na socks yun

8. Which clubs did you join?
art, kampil, amnesty int'l, blue flame art dep't, benedictine circle (hihi, oo maniwala ka!)

9. Did you ever have your own stone table tambayan?
ay may issue jan hahaha! may pang-aagaw na nangyari ^_^

10.Have you ever stayed overnight in campus?
nung nastranded kami sa sobrang taas ng baha. pos i remember sleeping in school to attend the simbang gabi

11. Were you ever stranded in campus?
yep. i was in 2nd yr HS. Slept in Rm 205

12. Who was your favorite teacher?
madami. Ms. Mina, Ms. Juaregui, Ms. Brotonel, my elective teacher, Ms. Kanapi, Mr. Ablong

13. Who was your least favorite teacher?
ahh.. wag na lang natin i-mention. hehe

14. What was your favorite subject?
World History, English Lit

15. What was your least favorite subject?
Trig/any math subject

16. What was your most memorable field trip?
oh no. I cant remember kung saan kami nagfield trip nung HS. ahaha! memory gap. Oh yeah, I remember na Divisoria for Con Ed. first time ko magpunta sa Divi nun. hehe

17. Have you ever had a loyalty award?
op kors. prep to HS ako dun eh.

18. Did you apply in SSC for college?
Hehe, I did. Bad pa, paniguradong school.

19. Ever dreamed of being a Valedictorian?
er.. nope

20. My favorite classroom would be:
Rm 205, daming fun moments dun, Rm 305 din, chaka Rm 409 kasi malaki, haha

21. How long did you stay in St. Scho?
Prep to 4th yr HS, 11 years

22. My favorite restaurant outside the campus would be:
mango brutus, hotside coolside, sfter taste and the ever reliable jollibee

23. Have you ever been to a soiree?
once or twice lang yata

24. Have you ever wished SSC had no uniform so that you could wear civilian clothes everyday?
nope, i liked wearing the uniform, at least di ka magiisip everyday kung ano isusuot mo

25. Do you know Nancy?
oo naman. institution si Nancy sa Gate 1. Saan na kaya sha?

26. Did you ever hangout @ UM or HP?
HP pag walang elective pos magsestay sa National Bookstore maghahanap ng books, UM nung college na ako

27. Have you ever borrowed a book in the LRC?
ahaha! Nancy Drew books, nacomplete ko yun. Sa HS Lib yung mga Sweet Dreams

28. Have you ever watched our pep squad compete?
Pag required :p

29. Do you remember your sections when you were in SSC?
from Prep?
Prep F - Ms. Mejia
1A - Mrs. Silverio
2 - St. Wunibald - Ms. de Leon then Mrs. Hufancia
3 St. Ethelburga - Ms. Manila
4 St. Bernard - Mrs. Agbunag
5 - St. Aurea - Mrs. Agbunag then Mrs. Go
6 - St. Gregory - Ms. Octaviano
1- I - Mrs. Bascon
2 - O - Mrs. Villarosa then Mrs. Iguaras
3 - L - Ms. Tumagoy
4 - O - Ms. Brotonel

30. Do you know the life story of St. Scholastica?

31. Do you know the scholastican motto?
Ora et Labora

32. Have you ever been to an SSC fair?
yup! had so much fun specially during 3rd & 4th Yr when we manned the dedication booth

33. Have you ever been stuck in the jail booth?
hehe, yup

34. Which gate did you usually use?
gate 1 nung HS, grade school Gate 7 in the morning, pag uwi sa Gate 6.

35. Do you remember any of the PEP squad cheers?
oo naman. AEAGO

36. What was your favorite PE class?
swimming, taekwondo & arnis. i hated basketball & volleyball

37. What was your favorite sport during intrams?
watching. bwahahaha!

38. Who do you really think was SSC's rival school, Assumption, Miriam or Poveda?

39. What was your favorite recollection/retreat venue?
subiaco chaka yung sa OMI kasi masaya yung reco na yun

40. If you had a daughter, will you enroll her in SSC manila?
kung kaya ko pa ang tuition. ahahah!