good luck sa ken :p

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ang bilis talaga ng araw. Training is over and on Monday, we'll be on our nesting period already.

My gah! 5 weeks na yun?!

I haven't even blogged about my training and now it's over.


The account is relatively easy (compared to my last program, any program would be easy :p) but i'm not as confident in the application/screen navigation yet. We'll still be using a Citrix program but it's DOS based, coz it's a financial account and it's harder to hack into a DOS based system than a web based one. Ugh. I'm so out of my comfort zone on that one.

I'm getting anxious.

Wish me luck on Monday! :)

I got bothered by something I read earlier and how I reacted to the statement of the driver of the vehicle that pinned and killed an Ateneo Grade School student. Yes, accidents do happen, but the wording of her statement felt off to me: “I also deserve compassion and understanding as I am also a victim of circumstance. I could hardly speak due to the traumatic situation that incident has brought into my life,” Torres said.

In fairness to her, she did apologize to the family, but if someone deserves compassion, I think it would be the family of the 10 year old kid. Ewan, mahirap ipaliwanag yung point ko. Feeling ko kasi she's demanding na maawa din sa kanya ang tao kasi natraumatize din sha. Oo di nya sinasadya yung nangyari, and I have no right to judge her, I just feel that if someone deserves compassion, it would be the child's family. Maybe I felt that way coz it wasn't even her who brought the child to the hospital but a bystander. :(

Driver Apologizes for Ateneo Student's Death