this isn't goodbye, it's just see you soon

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It was my last working day earlier and I had mixed emotions. As early as 3 hours before my shift ended I was literally counting the minutes until I logged out. And with that I left with renewed optimism and I must admit, a heavy heart. Officially my last day will be on Jan. 16, but as of today, I am on my terminal leave.

I've been thinking how to compose my farewell letter and I've had a lot of drafts.
OO, pinagisipan ko tong mabuti :) Since the day I started thinking about moving on, I've been trying to compose it. I've had funny drafts, cheesy ones, dramatic drafts. But, Ive decided to write when I really felt like it.

Go with the flow. No drafts. Straight from the heart.

I've spent some of my best & worst times in eTel. I've established friendships that will last a lifetime and I've learned an awful lot of things. Not just about the industry, but about myself and about people.

I admit that I was one of the people who didn't think highly of the industry. Oo na, snob ako. I found it ironic that I went into this industry thinking that, but I am really glad I became one of the vampires (figurative yun ah. haha). And that I have been proven wrong.

I'm thankful that I've met friends like
YOU. You made going to work enjoyable. You guys did the impossible. You actually made me want to go to work. Yes you did. This was the first job I had that didn't feel like a job or a chore. So when I stopped feeling that way, I felt it was time for me to move on.

Vonage Wave One, kayo ang unang dahilan kung bakit nag-stay ako. I told myself before I started training that if I didn’t like my batchmates, I wouldn’t show up the next day. Damn the bond! (ang bond na panakot lang pala, hehe). From 25 iilan na lang tayo. I hope that for everyone that remained, you’ll reach all your goals and that you’ll always be happy. I enjoyed every minute we spent together.

To my Superfriends, sabi nga ni Dads, you added flavor to my life. Thank you sa lahat ng bonding moments: inuman, kantahan, asaran, iyakan, tawanan, lakwatcha, movie days, overnights, summertrip. Lahat lahat. Hindi ko na iisa-isahin, you know who you are and you know how special you guys are to me. Amameshu!

To the Sprint Champs: It was fun while it lasted. I had a blast cooking up ideas with you guys. And we had a lot of them. Sayang hindi na-follow through, but I hope someday, yung mga plans natin dati hindi lang sa paper. Maging reality na. Di ko pa din naabutan yung Champs jacket. Hahaha, gawa nalang tayo ng sarili natin.

To my trainers, Steffie, Alu, Mikey, Miggs at ang matagal nang nang-iwang si Chester (hehe): Thank you for imparting your knowledge and for being enthusiastic about it, kahit madaming pasaway (ouch!) At some point I wanted to be like you, but narealize ko na hindi yun ang forte ko. Hahahaha! I appreciate the guidance and tips, but it wasn’t meant to be. DI ako bitter. Ahaha! May disclaimer.

Vonage friends: Team Anna, Kria, Ronan, Alfie, John, at Anna uli, na unti unti nang nalalagas. Na dati pag naglalakad ako sa floor, bawat quadrant may tatawag sa kin, na naging dahilan kung bakit ako muntik nang ma-late sa paglog-in kasi bebeso at chichika pa ako. Hehehe. Miss ko na yung mga masasayang araw natin sa Makati. From GB to ACS, here’s to the number one rated digital phone service! ^_^

To Sprint Wave One & Team Orion, you made my first few months in Sprint bearable. Hahah! Ang team na laging kina-career ang dress up your quadrant days. Na gumawa pa ng “costumes” sa bahay namin nung off. In fairness, nanalo tayo. Haha!

Team Kolokoy (Alfie),here’s to more GAs kila Mommy G (sana makasama na ako :p). Nasabi ko na lahat ng gusto kong sabihin dun sa spamming natin before tayo mag-hiwahiwalay, but let me thank you again for embracing me in your team back in August. Bum bum dee bum will always remind me of you guys.

Team Kotics, thank you sa pagtanggap sa akin. Sad na sandali lang tayo magkakasama but I enjoyed being part of the team. TL, Nangangatog pa din ako sa takot. Hehehe.

To the LCB Teams and the teams assigned to me, Team Francia & Team Ziggy, thank you for putting up with me. Hahaha! Sensha na if I have masungit moments. I’ve learned a lot from you and I hope you learned something from me, too.

To my TLs & SMs, Anna, Ronan, Alfie, John, Paul, Cy, Kria, Nardz, Kayeser, Karen, Margaux, Abby & Cha. Thank you for your guidance and for making me believe that I can do better. Thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be and for believing in my abilities. Sorry for my pasaway moments, hehehe.

My TL friends, Jayme (whoo! For more overnight trips!), Francia, Hawie, Rye, Tin, KB, Skelliebelly, Revery: even if I wasn’t part of your teams you were always there for me. Thank you for the advice, guiding words, happy times. I truly appreciate it.

And how can I forget my SME family? We’ve been through a lot last year, there were lots of ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade it for anything coz it only made our bond stronger. Most of us have left and moved on to bigger and brighter things but the bond remains. Here’s to more summer trips, movie days, team lunches sa Shang, and reunion parties kila Carlo (hehe, vinolounteer?). I wish you all the best and I know that wherever we all decide to go, we’ll succeed. Sabi nga ni Chris, “This is the BEST Team EVER!” Love you guys! May separate letter ako na ginawa. Hehehe.

OMG. Ang haba nito. This is how much eTel has touched my life.

Again, my heartfelt thanks. I am going to miss you all.

This isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you soon!