i'm confused again :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm soooo confused.

I got my formal job offer last night and their offer was lower than what I asked for but significantly higher than my pay with my previous company. There's a very big chance of promotion in a few months because it's a relatively new center and they are moving to a location that is nearer. It's just in Magallanes. ONe of my friends work there now and he was promoted in 3 months. And if I take the job, I'll be training with another friend.

I made up my mind earlier to take the job offer, but I just got a phone call from another company saying that I'm shortlisted for another position. It's with a company I applied for last year, but I didn't take the offer because I wasn't ready to leave eTel. I got a very good job offer from them last year and if they are going to be offering me the same package then it's going to be bigger than my job offer last night. The office is at The Fort. I have friends in the said company, who are quite happy there, but they are in different departments.

I don't know what to do.

I'm pressured to take the first job offer coz the offer expires at 7pm and it would be awaste to let it go. But I also want to know what the other company is going to offer me.

I need a sign.


I'll blog about my one week vacation in Aklan & Boracay as soon as I figure this out. Hehehe. And as soon as I find the USB cord, so I can post the pictures.