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Sunday, November 01, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

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It’s that time of the year again when horror movies are shown on tv, there are Halloween specials and the retelling of ghost stories abound.

For as long as I can remember I have loved watching horror films and listening & telling ghost stories. Pretty ironic, specially because I am one of the worlds biggest cowards.

I don’t know if it’s because I have an active imagination or because I sometimes sense other worldly things. My aunt used to tell me I may have inherited my maternal grandmother’s third eye, but mine is only partially open. Let’s keep it that way. :)

When I was in grade school, I used to stay at my grandparents’ house after school. Then after work mom & dad would fetch us and we’d go home together. St. Scho was near lola’s house and I liked staying there playing with my cousins after doing my homework (yep, mabait ako, homework first before playing, magagalit kasi si lola. haha!)

Lola would cook merienda and we’d ask her about the things that she saw when she stayed in the province and when Manila was not as populated as it is right now. I don’t recall her telling the stories, she’d just smile and continue cooking but my cousin Ate Weng & I would bug our auntie Dely and she’d be the one to tell us the stories of lola’s scary encounters with white & black dwarves, a headless horseman, a hairy hand grabbing her ankles and ghosts. We also heard testimonies like this from lola’s sister and our other relatives.

I don’t know if those beings are real or not, but we thought, if it weren’t true then why were there many stories of lola’s encounters? She didn’t want to talk about it, but our older relatives used to tell us all about it.

I’ve always been sensitive. Sometimes out of nowhere, I just get chills up my spine & I’d get goosebumps. Or I’d see something in my peripheral vision, but when I look there’s nothing there. Though I’d feel like someone’s watching me. Or I get these uneasy feelings about certain places without knowing why. But afterwards I’d learn that something bad happened there.

The first “encounter” I can remember was when I was 4 years old. I remember that clearly because it was 10 days before my 5th birthday. We used to live in Manila and I woke up in the middle of the night. Mom woke up to see me waving at the door and she asked who I was waving at. I told her my dad’s sister. who lived in Baguio was at the bedroom door waving & smiling at me. I asked mom, “Mommy bakit maliwanag si Tita M?” Mom woke up Dad and they asked me to point where she was, I pointed to the door but she was gone. They didn’t tell me that my tita had passed away that night. I don’t know if we were close or not, but I remember that we just visited her in Baguio a few weeks before that night.

There are other instances I’d rather not remember. Tatakutin ko na naman ang sarili ko. Hehe. Suffice to say that I don’t see “them”, I just feel them. Sometimes it’s just the chills up my spine. Or I’d feel like my head was expanding. Not a good feeling at all.

These instances are not often though, Thank God.

Can you blame me if I sometimes sleep with the lights on & I keep all my bedroom windows and drapes shut at night?

typhoon Santi

Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Finally, after almost 12 hours, our electricity is back. Weee!

I was alone in the living room at 4am when the lights went out. I had a feeling it was gonna happen when the lights started flickering around 3am. So I readied the candles & the matches. I couldn’t find the flashlight, but I thought my phone’s backlight would be sufficient, as I have used it briefly as a night light before.

When the lights went out, I quickly lit a candle & ran as fast as i could without snuffing out the flame. Hahaha! Classic cowardly move by Jennie. :p

I stayed in my room reading a book. If mom were alive she’d tell me my eyesight s going to go bad if I continue reading a book with a candle light. I used to tell her my eyesight has been bad since the 2nd grade. Hehe.

While I was reading the book, I was scared & distracted by the howling wind. I think that was during the peak of the storm. The wind was really intense. I thought our roof was going to be peeled off, by the sound of it. It seemed like it was shaken loose. I found out in the morning that the branches of our mango tree was scraping the roof & that was the sound I heard.

There wasn’t much rain fall but the wind was really strong and it went around in circles.

In the morning when I went to the backyard, all of dad’s banana trees were uprooted as well as the big ipil ipil tree. As I passed by the mango tree, I heard gushing water. The water pipe broke because the tree was almost uprooted. Yikes!

My phone’s battery was almost dying so I couldn’t take a picture of the destruction left by Typhoon Santi at our backyard. I’m just happy none of us got hurt & the typhoon is going out of the country.

Paranormal Activity

Sunday, October 25, 2009

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I woke up at 1 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Seeing the light in the living room, I decided to get up & watch tv, knowing that my brother is still awake. (I don’t know why I like watching tv in the living room even if I have my own tv in my room :p)

I was watching NGC Apocalypse: The Second World War (good doc

umentary, by the way, with actual declassified footage), when my brother said he’ll watch Paranormal Activity.

Having heard the buzz about the new “mockumentary” sweeping the US, similar to the buzz created by The Blair Witch Project 10 years ago (gosh, has it been that long?!), I told him I wanted to watch it, too.

If you know me well, you’d know that I’m afraid of the dark and things that go bump in the night, but I love watching horror movies. I’ve been known to watch scary movies and sleeping with the lights on for months after watching it. Sidenote: when I was in 2nd grade, we watched Fear No Eviland couldn’t sleep without my mom beside me for months.

And I’ve digressed.. ^_^

So, at 3am (witching hour?) my brother and I was watching Paranormal Activity, Friday’s #1 movie in America.

It’s about a young couple who are haunted by a supernatural entity in their home at night and how they document the paranormal activity with their handheld camera. I thought the film was well made. And unlike Blair Witch Project, the actors were likable and very natural. It also didn’t make me dizzy watching it.

I think what makes it scary is the anticipation. You just know that something’s going to happen. Well that’s what happened to me anyway. I scared myself waiting for the next thing to happen. :p

If you’re the type who likes horror films that scare you nonstop from start to finish, this movie isn’t for you. It kinda starts slowly, nothing significant happens until about 40 minutes into the film. But the buildup tot he denouement is great.

While I was searching on Wiki, I found out that there are several alternative endings to the movie. My brother and I watched the original version, which was creepy. Reading the ending of the version being shown in cinemas however, I think I like the ending of the theatrical release better.

I have to watch it. Even if I know it will scare me more.

Go watch the movie, it’s just in time for Halloween.

It’s scary, but don’t take my word for it. I’m a coward, remember? ;)


Sunday, August 30, 2009

These are my dad's lovebirds.

A few weeks ago he was wondering why the female hasn't laid any eggs yet, when it's been a while since we got these lovebirds.

Yesterday he found out why.

Turns out both birds are male.

Wahahaha! Brokeback Birdies.

emo mode

Friday, August 07, 2009

I admit it. I've always thought Kris Aquino was irritating and maarte. I'm sure many people feel the same way. I can't count the times I shook my head after hearing something she's said or done. I've rolled my eyes a million times when she'd brag that she bought this or that, or how she's been to this country.

But the past few days, I've seen a different Kris.

One that I can relate to.

I've heard some people say that she was her normal overacting self when she couldn't stop crying every time she's interviewed. I dare these people to say the same thing after they've gone through numerous checkups, waiting for test results, taking care of a mother undergoing radiation therapy & chemotherapy and having them die in your arms. I doubt if they can still say that.

It's been 4 years since my mom passed away. And not a day goes by when I don't think of her and wish she was still here with us. Losing a parent is without a doubt one of the most difficult events in life a person can undergo. Lalo na kung nakita mo kung gaano naghirap yung taong mahal mo.

Kaya siguro sobrang affected ako nung namatay si Tita Cory. Not only because she's a fellow Scholastican that I really admire but because in some way, alam ko yung hirap na pinagdaanan nya at ng pamilya nya.

Sobrang nakarelate ako sa lahat ng sinabi ni Kris. Lahat ng kwento nya about staying in the hospital to take care of her mom, waiting for test results, talking to the doctors about her mom's condition, how painful chemo is, not only for the person undergoing it but for the family too. Ang hirap makitang nasasaktan yung mahal mo tapos di mo alam kung paano mapapabuti yung nararamdaman nya.

I wouldn’t wish cancer on even my hatest enemy.

Someone told me before that at least we were prepared for the eventuality of death, because it was cancer and not a heart attack or a sudden death. I said that for me it was harder. It’s easy to say that you’re prepared for that eventuality but when you’re in that moment, IT’S NEVER EASY.

The hardest thing to do is to let go. But sometimes you just have to, because if you’re holding on but the person you love is suffering, ang maiisip mo lang, “di bale nang ako ang masaktan, wag lang sha.”


RIP Pres Cory Aquino

Saturday, August 01, 2009

As my shift ended at 6 this morning, I felt so excited because it was finally my rest day. I was happy beyond words that the work week had ended.

On the drive from the office, I admired the yellow ribbons on the trees at Fort Global City. I was going to take pictures because it was a beautiful sight. Then our driver said, "Namatay na si Cory, no?" I felt sadness wash over me. All I could say was, "Ha? Kelan pa?" He said, "Kaninang 3:18am".

I couldn't help it. My lachrymal glands went on overdrive and I was thankful for the big shades I was wearing. Since we were gonna pass by Heritage on the way home from work, I wanted to tell our driver to go there. Feeling ko naman kapamilya ako.

But I felt as if I lost a relative, too. I only knew 2 Presidents growing up: Marcos & Tita Cory (she was everyone's Tita, it seems).

Tita Cory held power but she remained humble. I guess that's why she was loved by many.

We were listening to the radio on the way home and I couldn't help but remember how it was when mom passed away 4 years ago. Siguro kaya din sobrang nalungkot ako at naiyak, kasi nakakarelate ako. Pareho silang cardi-pulmonary arrest ni mommy & they were both battling stage 4 cancer. Emo mode na naman ako kanina.

Then when my tears ceased, Jose Mari Chan's song written by Ninoy Aquino for Cory, played on the radio. Which started another bout of crying. I texted my tita and I just had to laugh at her reply. Sabi daw nya sa cousin ko kanina na pag nalaman ko na namatay na si Tita Cory, iiyak na naman ako. Hihi. My Aunt knows me so well. :p Alam nyang numero unong iyakin ang pamangkin nya. ^_^

Tita Cory had a lot of contributions to our country. She showed the world the true empowerment of women in a very patriarchal society. She remained humble and showed utmost courage.

Thank you for helping restore democracy in the country, Tita Cory. Rest in Peace.

Kulasa ka ba?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Answer these in your notes and share with a fellow Kulasa:

1. Have you ever been to Salazar's office?
Suki ako ni Ms. Salazar nung 2nd yr HS, kasi halos everyday late ako. Hmpft. carpool kasi kami pos lagi sila late, kaya damay din kami. Kulang na alng sabihin sa kin ni Ms. Salazar, sawang-sawa na ako sa iyo.

2. Do you know what the pink slips and blue slips are for?
Ahaha! Of course. blue is for late, pink is for absent

3. Did you ride a school bus going to school?
1st yr HS only

4. What was your favorite food in campus?
deviled egg sandwich, roast beef!, sizzling, barbeque and hotdog na kahit mahaba pila, pipila pa din, melon shake

5. Do you prefer the St. Cecilia's hall or the little theater?
Little Theater kasi malamiiig. pos may mumu ^_^

6. Do you think putting down your straps was cool, weird, untidy, stylish?
mas cool pag isa lang ang bagsak. parang di sinadya :)) <--- haha! agree ako jan, chie.

7. Have you ever worn long socks that you rolled down to become shorter?
ay baduy, di nakaroll, nakascrung yung St. Michael's pa na socks yun

8. Which clubs did you join?
art, kampil, amnesty int'l, blue flame art dep't, benedictine circle (hihi, oo maniwala ka!)

9. Did you ever have your own stone table tambayan?
ay may issue jan hahaha! may pang-aagaw na nangyari ^_^

10.Have you ever stayed overnight in campus?
nung nastranded kami sa sobrang taas ng baha. pos i remember sleeping in school to attend the simbang gabi

11. Were you ever stranded in campus?
yep. i was in 2nd yr HS. Slept in Rm 205

12. Who was your favorite teacher?
madami. Ms. Mina, Ms. Juaregui, Ms. Brotonel, my elective teacher, Ms. Kanapi, Mr. Ablong

13. Who was your least favorite teacher?
ahh.. wag na lang natin i-mention. hehe

14. What was your favorite subject?
World History, English Lit

15. What was your least favorite subject?
Trig/any math subject

16. What was your most memorable field trip?
oh no. I cant remember kung saan kami nagfield trip nung HS. ahaha! memory gap. Oh yeah, I remember na Divisoria for Con Ed. first time ko magpunta sa Divi nun. hehe

17. Have you ever had a loyalty award?
op kors. prep to HS ako dun eh.

18. Did you apply in SSC for college?
Hehe, I did. Bad pa, paniguradong school.

19. Ever dreamed of being a Valedictorian?
er.. nope

20. My favorite classroom would be:
Rm 205, daming fun moments dun, Rm 305 din, chaka Rm 409 kasi malaki, haha

21. How long did you stay in St. Scho?
Prep to 4th yr HS, 11 years

22. My favorite restaurant outside the campus would be:
mango brutus, hotside coolside, sfter taste and the ever reliable jollibee

23. Have you ever been to a soiree?
once or twice lang yata

24. Have you ever wished SSC had no uniform so that you could wear civilian clothes everyday?
nope, i liked wearing the uniform, at least di ka magiisip everyday kung ano isusuot mo

25. Do you know Nancy?
oo naman. institution si Nancy sa Gate 1. Saan na kaya sha?

26. Did you ever hangout @ UM or HP?
HP pag walang elective pos magsestay sa National Bookstore maghahanap ng books, UM nung college na ako

27. Have you ever borrowed a book in the LRC?
ahaha! Nancy Drew books, nacomplete ko yun. Sa HS Lib yung mga Sweet Dreams

28. Have you ever watched our pep squad compete?
Pag required :p

29. Do you remember your sections when you were in SSC?
from Prep?
Prep F - Ms. Mejia
1A - Mrs. Silverio
2 - St. Wunibald - Ms. de Leon then Mrs. Hufancia
3 St. Ethelburga - Ms. Manila
4 St. Bernard - Mrs. Agbunag
5 - St. Aurea - Mrs. Agbunag then Mrs. Go
6 - St. Gregory - Ms. Octaviano
1- I - Mrs. Bascon
2 - O - Mrs. Villarosa then Mrs. Iguaras
3 - L - Ms. Tumagoy
4 - O - Ms. Brotonel

30. Do you know the life story of St. Scholastica?

31. Do you know the scholastican motto?
Ora et Labora

32. Have you ever been to an SSC fair?
yup! had so much fun specially during 3rd & 4th Yr when we manned the dedication booth

33. Have you ever been stuck in the jail booth?
hehe, yup

34. Which gate did you usually use?
gate 1 nung HS, grade school Gate 7 in the morning, pag uwi sa Gate 6.

35. Do you remember any of the PEP squad cheers?
oo naman. AEAGO

36. What was your favorite PE class?
swimming, taekwondo & arnis. i hated basketball & volleyball

37. What was your favorite sport during intrams?
watching. bwahahaha!

38. Who do you really think was SSC's rival school, Assumption, Miriam or Poveda?

39. What was your favorite recollection/retreat venue?
subiaco chaka yung sa OMI kasi masaya yung reco na yun

40. If you had a daughter, will you enroll her in SSC manila?
kung kaya ko pa ang tuition. ahahah!

good luck sa ken :p

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ang bilis talaga ng araw. Training is over and on Monday, we'll be on our nesting period already.

My gah! 5 weeks na yun?!

I haven't even blogged about my training and now it's over.


The account is relatively easy (compared to my last program, any program would be easy :p) but i'm not as confident in the application/screen navigation yet. We'll still be using a Citrix program but it's DOS based, coz it's a financial account and it's harder to hack into a DOS based system than a web based one. Ugh. I'm so out of my comfort zone on that one.

I'm getting anxious.

Wish me luck on Monday! :)

I got bothered by something I read earlier and how I reacted to the statement of the driver of the vehicle that pinned and killed an Ateneo Grade School student. Yes, accidents do happen, but the wording of her statement felt off to me: “I also deserve compassion and understanding as I am also a victim of circumstance. I could hardly speak due to the traumatic situation that incident has brought into my life,” Torres said.

In fairness to her, she did apologize to the family, but if someone deserves compassion, I think it would be the family of the 10 year old kid. Ewan, mahirap ipaliwanag yung point ko. Feeling ko kasi she's demanding na maawa din sa kanya ang tao kasi natraumatize din sha. Oo di nya sinasadya yung nangyari, and I have no right to judge her, I just feel that if someone deserves compassion, it would be the child's family. Maybe I felt that way coz it wasn't even her who brought the child to the hospital but a bystander. :(

Driver Apologizes for Ateneo Student's Death

halo halo #3

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yikes! How long have I not been updating my blog? It's been so long I can't even remember. Has it been three weeks? Hehe.. It's possible, coz if I remember correctly, the last post was when I was trying to decide which job offer to take. Eh bakit kaya di ko na lang tignan yung date yung last entry ko?

Anyway, I haven't been able to update much because I'm currently on my third week of training. Oh, I forgot to mention it, I took the first job offer. No regrets so far. Haha! I'm actually supposed to be sleeping by now coz we'll have our first exam, but when I'm bitten by the writing bug, I have to write.

Training is ok, so far. The program I'm in is eons away from the program I came from. And compared to the telco program, the account I'm in is easier. I think. I mean, I can't really say that for sure coz I'm still in training, but based on the topics and the navigation part, it's so much easier. Thank God!

My team mates are okay. We're in the getting to know you stage, but I like them. I miss my superfriends and the SMEs and I can only hope that my new team mates and I would bond well. If my new work friends and I would be half as close as my superfriends or the SMEs then I'll be a happy camper. :)

My adjustment was made easier by the fact that I'm in training with one of my friends, Yveth & superfriend Rome is also there. That made the transition easier.

I don't know what the future holds for me in the new company, but so far, I am liking my journey. Ask me again in a few months if I'll still feel that same way. Hahaha!

Hmm.. nabother ako sa news na to: Chris Brown Lowdown: Cops Continue Probe, Wrigley Halts Ads, Rihanna Recovering

My gah! Chris Brown was charged with domestic battery?! And the alleged victim was Rihanna. Ang sad. I still can;t believe it. I mean Chris Brown has this squeaky clean image ans I was shocked to read about what happened yesterday.

Yep, affected ako coz I like Chris Brown. Tsk.

On the way home the other day, I was listening to the radio and I heard the first few bars of my favorite Close up jingle, Closer You & I. I haven't heard that in a loooong time that's why I smiled when I heard it. But I quickly lost my smile when I heard the song. It wasn't the original singer, Gino Padilla, it was Sponge-frickin'-cola! ARGH!

Ay nakoh, sorry na lang sa may gusto ng Spongecola, pero nairita ako sa version nila. Wala na yung emotion ng song. The original was sweet but their version was blah. First it was Crazy for You now it's Closer You and I. Anuba? Why mess with something that's not broken? Ayaw ko pa naman sa lahat yung gagawa ng cover version na pilit. If you're gonna make a cover of a popular song, at least make it better than the original. Hmpft.

Did anyone see the lunar eclipse last night?

Hehe, nagka-stiff neck ako kakatingala, di ko pa din nakita kasi super cloudy. Sayang. But on my way home at 6am, the moon was still visible in the horizon and it was so full & big. Super baba pa nya. Ang ganda. Too bad all the pics I took was kinda blurry coz the McKinley Shuttle was quite fast.

Crap. It's past 1pm. I have to go to sleep na. I have to be at work early tonight pala.

i'm confused again :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm soooo confused.

I got my formal job offer last night and their offer was lower than what I asked for but significantly higher than my pay with my previous company. There's a very big chance of promotion in a few months because it's a relatively new center and they are moving to a location that is nearer. It's just in Magallanes. ONe of my friends work there now and he was promoted in 3 months. And if I take the job, I'll be training with another friend.

I made up my mind earlier to take the job offer, but I just got a phone call from another company saying that I'm shortlisted for another position. It's with a company I applied for last year, but I didn't take the offer because I wasn't ready to leave eTel. I got a very good job offer from them last year and if they are going to be offering me the same package then it's going to be bigger than my job offer last night. The office is at The Fort. I have friends in the said company, who are quite happy there, but they are in different departments.

I don't know what to do.

I'm pressured to take the first job offer coz the offer expires at 7pm and it would be awaste to let it go. But I also want to know what the other company is going to offer me.

I need a sign.


I'll blog about my one week vacation in Aklan & Boracay as soon as I figure this out. Hehehe. And as soon as I find the USB cord, so I can post the pictures.

this isn't goodbye, it's just see you soon

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It was my last working day earlier and I had mixed emotions. As early as 3 hours before my shift ended I was literally counting the minutes until I logged out. And with that I left with renewed optimism and I must admit, a heavy heart. Officially my last day will be on Jan. 16, but as of today, I am on my terminal leave.

I've been thinking how to compose my farewell letter and I've had a lot of drafts.
OO, pinagisipan ko tong mabuti :) Since the day I started thinking about moving on, I've been trying to compose it. I've had funny drafts, cheesy ones, dramatic drafts. But, Ive decided to write when I really felt like it.

Go with the flow. No drafts. Straight from the heart.

I've spent some of my best & worst times in eTel. I've established friendships that will last a lifetime and I've learned an awful lot of things. Not just about the industry, but about myself and about people.

I admit that I was one of the people who didn't think highly of the industry. Oo na, snob ako. I found it ironic that I went into this industry thinking that, but I am really glad I became one of the vampires (figurative yun ah. haha). And that I have been proven wrong.

I'm thankful that I've met friends like
YOU. You made going to work enjoyable. You guys did the impossible. You actually made me want to go to work. Yes you did. This was the first job I had that didn't feel like a job or a chore. So when I stopped feeling that way, I felt it was time for me to move on.

Vonage Wave One, kayo ang unang dahilan kung bakit nag-stay ako. I told myself before I started training that if I didn’t like my batchmates, I wouldn’t show up the next day. Damn the bond! (ang bond na panakot lang pala, hehe). From 25 iilan na lang tayo. I hope that for everyone that remained, you’ll reach all your goals and that you’ll always be happy. I enjoyed every minute we spent together.

To my Superfriends, sabi nga ni Dads, you added flavor to my life. Thank you sa lahat ng bonding moments: inuman, kantahan, asaran, iyakan, tawanan, lakwatcha, movie days, overnights, summertrip. Lahat lahat. Hindi ko na iisa-isahin, you know who you are and you know how special you guys are to me. Amameshu!

To the Sprint Champs: It was fun while it lasted. I had a blast cooking up ideas with you guys. And we had a lot of them. Sayang hindi na-follow through, but I hope someday, yung mga plans natin dati hindi lang sa paper. Maging reality na. Di ko pa din naabutan yung Champs jacket. Hahaha, gawa nalang tayo ng sarili natin.

To my trainers, Steffie, Alu, Mikey, Miggs at ang matagal nang nang-iwang si Chester (hehe): Thank you for imparting your knowledge and for being enthusiastic about it, kahit madaming pasaway (ouch!) At some point I wanted to be like you, but narealize ko na hindi yun ang forte ko. Hahahaha! I appreciate the guidance and tips, but it wasn’t meant to be. DI ako bitter. Ahaha! May disclaimer.

Vonage friends: Team Anna, Kria, Ronan, Alfie, John, at Anna uli, na unti unti nang nalalagas. Na dati pag naglalakad ako sa floor, bawat quadrant may tatawag sa kin, na naging dahilan kung bakit ako muntik nang ma-late sa paglog-in kasi bebeso at chichika pa ako. Hehehe. Miss ko na yung mga masasayang araw natin sa Makati. From GB to ACS, here’s to the number one rated digital phone service! ^_^

To Sprint Wave One & Team Orion, you made my first few months in Sprint bearable. Hahah! Ang team na laging kina-career ang dress up your quadrant days. Na gumawa pa ng “costumes” sa bahay namin nung off. In fairness, nanalo tayo. Haha!

Team Kolokoy (Alfie),here’s to more GAs kila Mommy G (sana makasama na ako :p). Nasabi ko na lahat ng gusto kong sabihin dun sa spamming natin before tayo mag-hiwahiwalay, but let me thank you again for embracing me in your team back in August. Bum bum dee bum will always remind me of you guys.

Team Kotics, thank you sa pagtanggap sa akin. Sad na sandali lang tayo magkakasama but I enjoyed being part of the team. TL, Nangangatog pa din ako sa takot. Hehehe.

To the LCB Teams and the teams assigned to me, Team Francia & Team Ziggy, thank you for putting up with me. Hahaha! Sensha na if I have masungit moments. I’ve learned a lot from you and I hope you learned something from me, too.

To my TLs & SMs, Anna, Ronan, Alfie, John, Paul, Cy, Kria, Nardz, Kayeser, Karen, Margaux, Abby & Cha. Thank you for your guidance and for making me believe that I can do better. Thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be and for believing in my abilities. Sorry for my pasaway moments, hehehe.

My TL friends, Jayme (whoo! For more overnight trips!), Francia, Hawie, Rye, Tin, KB, Skelliebelly, Revery: even if I wasn’t part of your teams you were always there for me. Thank you for the advice, guiding words, happy times. I truly appreciate it.

And how can I forget my SME family? We’ve been through a lot last year, there were lots of ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade it for anything coz it only made our bond stronger. Most of us have left and moved on to bigger and brighter things but the bond remains. Here’s to more summer trips, movie days, team lunches sa Shang, and reunion parties kila Carlo (hehe, vinolounteer?). I wish you all the best and I know that wherever we all decide to go, we’ll succeed. Sabi nga ni Chris, “This is the BEST Team EVER!” Love you guys! May separate letter ako na ginawa. Hehehe.

OMG. Ang haba nito. This is how much eTel has touched my life.

Again, my heartfelt thanks. I am going to miss you all.

This isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you soon!

this is it :)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I don't believe in horoscopes and predictions but I like reading them. Hehehe, nakakaaliw lang basahin coz sometimes it really fits my situation. Take this one for example:

"Don't allow fear of change to paralyze you.

The card in the Blocks position points to self-undermining tendencies, areas where you could be in denial, where you could get stuck -- unless you examine yourself and make some corrections.

You feel a need to change yet are fearful of doing anything about it. You are stuck. It's important to remember that nothing you can lose is truly yours, and what is truly yours never will be lost for long. Your essential nature, your eternal identity, your basic quality of being is unique and permanent. No amount of change will rob you of who you really are.

Release your attachment to appearing any particular way to yourself or anyone else. In turn you will free yourself to go through what is in front of you and gain the benefit1s."

It's so me! I just read it today, a few hours after I submitted my letter of resignation to my immediate supervisor. Ano daw?! Letter of Resignation?!

Yes, you read that right. After 4 retractions, I finally had the courage to do it.

It's only the 3rd day of the year and I've already made my 1st major decision. Papanindigan ko na ito. I've been evaluating my life for the past few months, and a few days after 2008 ended, I've come to a conclusion: that it's finally time for me to make a move, spread my wings and leave my comfort zone. I've been dragging myself to work the past few months and I'm not happy at all. I figured why stay if I'm miserable?

It was not a spur of the moment thing. Ang tagal ko to pinagisipan. But earlier while I was composing my LOR, there was no hesitation, unlike before that I had second thoughts. Of course I'm still scared, but this time, I know I will and I have to overcome my fears and apprehensions.

Our Operations Manager hasn't signed it yet and I'm still not sure if he'd let me leave on the day I noted on the letter, but one thing's for sure: there's no turning back. :)

Wish me luck!

year end survey

Friday, January 02, 2009

I was browsing my old blogspot and I found the year end survey I did last 2006. I thought it would be nice to answer it again and reminisce on my 2008. :)

What did you do in 2008 that you'd never done before?

travel a lot in the summer. ignored the idle chatter coz i know and the people who know the real me, knows the truth (redundant mashado :p)

Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I haven't kept a new year's resolution. Ever. I always say I'll do it this time but I never have. Hehehe.

Did anyone close to you die?
My great aunt passed away 5 days before Christmas but we're not close. It doesn't change the fact that it's still sad.

What countries did you visit?
Sadly... none.

What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?
Stability. More moolah. hihi

What date from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
Summer of 2008. Bonding with family & friends

What was your biggest achievement of the year?
become more independent, stayed focused no matter what

What was your biggest failure?
giving up a lucrative job offer

Did you suffer illness or injury?
thankfully, nope

What was the best thing you bought?
hehe, babaw lang, but i loved the chocolate cookies my sister introduced me to. sobrang na-addict ako dun. hahaha!

Whose behavior merited celebration?
mine. my sme friends (c'mon, sobrang pagtitimpi :p)

Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
not worth naming

Where did most of your money go?
bills and food. travel expenses

What did you get really, really, really excited about?
summer trips

What song(s) will always remind you of 2008?
disturbia, with you, forever, lucky, i'm yours, dami pa :p

Compared to this time last year, are you:
i. happier or sadder? -- sadder
ii. thinner or fatter? -- the same
iii. richer or poorer? -- richer (ng konti :p)

What do you wish you'd done more?
sleep, have dinner with my postepeeps,

What do you wish you'd done less of?
being disappointed, eating (haha! i say that every year)

How many one-night stands?

What was your favorite TV program?
house, er, grey's anatomy (hehe, puro medical drama?), 30 rock, october road

Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
hate is such a strong word. disappointed & indifferent maybe

What was the best book you read?
well the only books I've read this year were the Twilight books. It's not the best, but I loved it :)

What was your greatest musical discovery?
Hehehe... I didn't like R&B before but I found myself liking alot of R&B this year. Through the years I've been more inclined on the rock/alternative genre, not this year though.

What did you want and get?
real friends

What was your favorite film of this year?
naman.. obvious na ang sagot ko dito :p

What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
i was on birthday leave, didn't do much but rested :p how old? wag na! :p

What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
hmm.. i haven't thought about it yet

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2008?
hehe, largely dependent on my mood. if not in the mood to dress up, it's jeans, tshirt & flipflops to work. of course, there'smy staple black blouses :p

What kept you sane?
My friends, and writing.

Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
edward.. este, rob pattinson pala ;)

What political issue stirred you the most?
sad to say, i've become apathetic to the political issues. but just recently, I became so incensed when I read the blog about this corrupt warlord of a politician who beat up a businessman and his 14 yr old son, a day after Christmas at Valley Golf. Grabe!

Who did you miss?
a lot of friends who moved on to better things :)

Who was the best new person you met?
Team Kolokoy :)

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008:
1. It doesn't matter what others say as long as you know and the people who matter to you know the truth.
2. The best way to recover is to let go and move on. It's no use dwelling over the past as you can't change it. Instead, make the present count and look forward to the future.

What was the nicest thing someone told you about yourself:
I know the real you.

the most touching experience you've had this year?
What touched me the most was how a bad situation made the bond between my sme family stronger.
Then there was a time na hindi kami naguusap ni Dads, sobrang nakakalungkot yun, umiyak ako sa cr nung bati na kami. hehehe, yaw ko kasi may makakita.

What did you like most about yourself this year?
i stood up for what i believed in, made a lot of new friends

What did you hate most about yourself this year?
how i became so affected about everything and it made me feel a lot of disappointments

Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
If the mind keeps thinking
You've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you
Don't give up
Who are we to be questioning
Wondering what is what
Don't give up
Through it all
Just stand up

Was 2008 a good year for you?
It started great, by the middle of the year there was a bit of turmoil. towards the end of the year, things are a bit better

What was your favorite moment of the year?
summer trips with family & friends. annual summer outing with my cousins in Laguna, SME overnights in Antipolo & Nasugbu. Puerto Galera with the Superfriends.

What was your least favorite moment of the year?
Board room meetings which never ended well. There's always bad news when we had the meetings at the board room. It became so bad, my teammates and I have come to hate that boardroom.

Where were you when 2008 began?
at home :D

Who were you with?
dad, sister & brother

Where will you be when 2008 ends?
i was at the office

Who will you be with when 2005 ends?
my team mates

Do you have a new years resolution for 2009?
venture out of my comfort zone :) totoo na to!

What was your favorite month of 2008?
April & May

Did you lose anybody close to you in 2008?
You don't lose people because you don't own them.

Did you miss anybody in the past year?
I missed close friends who resigned after the "fiasco"

What was your favorite record from 2008?
There were several records I liked in 2008: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. by Jason Mraz; Viva La Vida by Coldplay, Year of the Gentleman by NeYo, Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded by Rihanna, Riot! by Paramore (techinically this was a 2007 album whiche I liked in 2008)

Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2008?
only during summer

do a lot of drugs in 2008?
nope, legal or illegal. ehehe

Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?

How much money did you spend in 2008?
I don't want to know.

What was your proudest moment of 2008?
when i stood up for myself :)

What was your most embarrassing moment of 2008?
ay madami yun, haha! wag na lang. secret na lang

If you could go back in time to any moment of 2008 and change something, what would it be?
Turning down a lucrative job offer back in July because I wasn't ready to leave my comfort zone

What are your plans for 2009?
Become a better me. Venture out into the world. Leave my comfort zone (I've said that quite a lot haven't I? Hehe, kasi feeling ko ready na ako)

How are you different now that the year has ended?
I'm not afraid anymore.

What are your wishes for the new year?
Better, brighter, more fulfilling, richer 2009 :D