a rude awakening

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I woke up this morning to the sound of the house phone ringing. I didn't want to answer it because it felt so nice sleep inside my comforter cocoon with this morning Christmas weather. But I guess my dad was in his garden at the back of the house, my sister already left and my brother is still asleep. I had no choice but to anwer the extension phone in my room.

I said hello groggily. The male voice no the phone said, "Hello, pakilakas nga po, di ko marinig."

Wow. Ginising mo ako tapos demanding ka pa?! Grudgingly I said hello louder and asked who was calling. He said his name was Jomar, who sounded like he was between the ages of 15-17.

The caller asked, "Pwede po ba magtanong?" and I said, "Yeah, ano yun?"

I guess you know where this conversation is going to lead to by now...

He then asked if he can bang me. Eew. Pardon the term but that's what he said.

By then I was irritated. I woke up for this?!

"Dude, it's 8 am on a Sunday, don't you have better things to do like go to church to atone for your dirty mind? I am still sleepy, I am not interested and for the record, I like men with brains."

And then I hung up with a smile. Ahaha! Bitchy me strikes again.