Monday, December 08, 2008

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately. I put the blame on the Christmas cool weather, coz let's admit it, it feels so much better to sleep and hide under the covers.

It's funny how I keep a list of thing I want to blog about and how I try (operative word: try) to write a blog about it. Lately, I haven't had much luck posting anything except my previous team's pictures.

Now that I'm in the mood to write, I'm still trying to figure out what to post first. Hehe. Should I post chronologically or depending on how my thoughts flow? Ampft. Ang OC! magsusulat lang, ang dami pang arte - that's my subconscious talking, or "ang aking konsensiya" in the vernacular.

Anyway, I'll just go with the flow.

I think I'm jinxed.

In a span of one year, 3 of my TLs resigned. First was Paul, then Kria, and now Alfie. Anubeh?! At that rate, I should be used to it already, but when we had our last team meeting, I couldn't help but cry again. I learned about TL's resignation about a month ago, and I didn't want to believe it first. Why? Coz TL Alfie was one of the TLs I'd always approach whenever I wanted to resign and she would always be able to convince me not to. Nakukuha ako sa positive scripting, hahaha! Sometimes I wonder if I'm so gullible or her convincing powers are that good . It's sad to see her go, especially since she's one of most supportive TLs I know, and when our beloved SME TL Kri left, I requested to be transferred to TL Alfie's team.

I didn't tell my team mates that TL was resigning even if I wanted to tell someone just to get it off my chest. A promise is a promise. Besides, It wasn't my place to tell them. That's why when another agent approached one of my teammates and said, "So, ano naman ang feeling ng mawawalan ng TL?" I wanted to clobber her. Antipatikang chismosa to! Until now, whenever I see that agent, nagsasalubong kilay ko.

TL resigned coz she's fulfilling her dream and we are happy for her, it's just sad that the team had to be dispersed to other teams. At least we'd still be in the same shift, although not for long, some will be resigning, too.

Ano ba? naiwan na naman ako.

I'm so indecisive. I think Mike L is right. Isa ako sa Big Four. Hehehe. I have this list of Pros and Cons, that normally helps me make a decision, but this time I'm having a hard time deciding. Most of my friends have left and more are planning to leave. Most of those who left are generally happy that they've moved on to different companies. but here I am, very vocal about leaving, but CAN'T even do it. I've given up 2 good opportunities and for what? I, too am perplexed that I gave it up. But I can't say I regretted giving it up. I really don't. Maybe it's not the right time. Or the right opportunity. I just hope I realize it's the right time & opportunity when it hits me.

Maybe I'm reluctant to leave because I've been to 4 different companies already and I know how it feels to start over. How challenging it is to adapt to a new environment and work with new people. They keep on harping about how good the culture of my present company is, and I agree, of all the companies I worked for, nothing beats the culture of eGS. Ang tanong? Kaya ba akong buhayin ng culture? Hahaha!

I wanted to write about the EK Trip we had on Thanksgiving Day, but my mind is so cluttered. Ang daming nangyari, there new "Carlo-isms", shrieking moments, etc. I had fun during the mini-reunion that the SME Family had and although there were some that didn't go (hmm...), the ones that did go had a blast. We had so much fun, I completely forgot about taking pictures. I just hope the ones who took pictures would upload them soon. (paging Enri... hehe) I'll probably write about it another day, hopefully. Hehe.

Ooo! I got new glasses. Finally! It's violet. Wee! I'm still getting used to it coz my eyes are weird. My left eye's grade went down, while the right one went up. So if you see me walking like I'm drunk, it's just my eyeglasses. Haha! I've colored my hair chestnut brown (di ko pa kaya mag-red hair ), but I still haven't decided on how to cut my hair. What is with me and making decisions?!

I'll upload a picture soon.