those damned shoes!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I swear I will never, and I mean NEVER, ever wear my pointed 3 inch heeled shoes.

Slap me silly if you see me wear it again.

I used to love that pair of shoes. I used to wear it everyday to work (when I worked at a normal office). Dang it! I used to run wearing those shoes. Yes, I ran. hahah!

But as of today, I am never wearing it again.

My feet are freaking killing me! @#$#^!#%&$!!!

Is it really the price we have to pay for vanity? Or after 2 years of wearing flat shoes, sandals, or flipflops to work, I'm just not used to wearing heeled shoes?

Hay, ewan. Pano yun? Weakness ko pa naman ang shoes? Pag may nakita ako sa mall na shoes na gusto ko, i'll buy it basta maganda, forget the comfort. haha! bobo lang.