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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

While most of the world was watching history in America unfold by electing the first African - American as President, I was watching youtube videos of the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.

It's not because I'm not interested in current events (I am!), but because I felt giddy watching live performances of my teenage music, plus I had a feeling it would take Sen. McCain a miracle to win. As I write this, I am watching John McCain's concession speech on CNN. I must say his speech was heartfelt and showed humility and grace in defeat. At one point his supporters booed when he mentioned Pres. Obama's name, but he reprimanded them. I think that showed class.

Anyway, back to the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. It was held on April 1992 a few months after Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, died of AIDS. I hadn't planned on watching it but I just kinda stumbled upon it, when I got a myspace bulletin that one of the bands I liked back in High School, Trixter, had reunited at Rocklahoma 2008.

So, I browsed youtube for videos of Rocklahoma and watched videos of my favorite bands as a teenager - Warrant, Trixter, Skid Row, Guns & F'N Roses, Metallica, etc. O nagulat ka ba? Hehehe. I was a metalhead back in HS (well, a metal head who liked New Kids on the Block, hehehe. go figure.). I had all the albums of GnR, Warrant, Skid Row, etc. I bought Metal Head Magazine (but I also bought Teen, 16 & seventeen magazines :P). My binder cover was the Guns n' Roses logo I painted. Hmm.. I wonder where that painting is now?

One of the videos I browsed was Extreme's More Than Words they performed live at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. I was transported back to the time I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. And that was because of Extreme's guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt. My parents' generation had Jimmy Hendrix, my generation had Slash and Nuno as guitar gods. Anyone who's heard GnR's Sweet Child of Mine & Paradise City and Extreme's More than Words know what I'm talking about. :)

After viewing More than Words, I browsed the videos of Extreme performing a medley of Queen's songs, and I was again awed by Nuno's guitar skills. Napanganga na lang ako. Their lead singer's dance moves were funny, but the vocals were great. And the crowd? Wala ako masabi kungdi WOW. Great energy. I loved their reaction during Radio Ga Ga. Amazing.

Sharing these videos (Nuno is the guitarist wearing the white long sleeved polo shirt with red necktie):

Forward to 2:03 for the start of Radio Ga ga & 3:27 for the crowd participation:

You may watch the concert videos here, with performances by GnR, Elton John, George Michael, Annie Lennox, David Bowie, etc.