uaap finals 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Ateneo Blue Eagles captured the UAAP crown yesterday, but not without controversy on the officiating and Rico Maierhofer's finger.

First, congratulations to the "Hail Mary Squad" from Katipunan. I may be disappointed that my Green Archers didn't win this year, but I think it was a deserved win. It was a good game and I think the Ateneans were ripe for the win, as evidenced by their record starting from the Elimination Round to the Final Four and finally during the short-lived Championship series.

I guess it was time for them to capture the crown. I mean look at the Special Awardees, pinakyaw nila. Hehehe.

I might be burned at the stake for saying this being a La Sallian & all, hehe. but i don't agree with Coach Franz's observation that it was the worst officiating ever. There may have been lapses in officiating and it affected not only DLSU's game but ADMUs as well. In my humble opinion, it was just the breaks of the game. (Eh? tama ba yung term? you know what I meant right? ^_^)

We can't be champions every year (no matter how we wish and pray :p). Isa pa, sayang yung second chance points coz they don't rebound. My gah. I kept screaming at the tv. They didn't box out like they used to. Maybe because this year's DLSU team was relatively young. They have a lot of rookies and for a Championship squad, they need more time to gel. But hey, we must look at it this way, even with a relatively young squad, we reached the finals. It just shows how good the DLSU system is.

On Rico's behavior, I cannot give an opinion coz I didn't see that part. If it was true that he flashed a dirty finger then it's very disappointing. It doesn't leave a good impression. If it was not true that he did it, malas na lang.

Oh well, as disappointed as I am that my team didn't win this year, there's always next year. :)

Sana lang, the team went and got their trophy and medals. I understand that they are disappointed, devastated even. But I believe that a person's greatness is evidenced by their actions during defeat. It would have been nice to see them holding their heads up high instead of being thought of as spoiled brats or sore losers. Sayang. They would have been magnanimous in defeat.