Stand up to cancer telethon

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I am currently watching the Stand Up to Cancer telethon on StarWorld and I couldn't stop myself from writing about it.

It's no secret that I lost my mom to cancer 3 years ago and my family and I know first hand how devastating it is. Cancer is "the incurable" disease and people diagnosed with it, always feel like it is like having a death sentence. I'm sorry if that sounds morbid, but it is a reality.

For now.

And I believe that. I have to be optimistic. I want to see in my lifetime a cure for cancer. I want to able to say someday that it is a disease that we can all defeat, not just by early detection.

I think its noble that they've put up a fundraiser like this, with big name stars in the entertainment, sports and medical field. Admit it, having celebrities involved generates more interest. And I hope they raise a large amount for cancer research.

My mom was a fighter. She battled the disease for 9 years. In that span of years she lived life to the fullest. She went to work, we had our parties, our family vacations and roadtrips. She had 2 surgeries, 4 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 rounds of radiation therapy and she never gave up. Yes it was hard for all of us. Most especially her. And although there were bouts of sadness, she didn't let the disease define her. And I admire her strength. If I had a third of her strength, I'd be happy. She lost the battle but it didn't defeat her spirit.

Oo, iyakin ako. Umiiyak ako habang nanonood ng telethon. Hehe.

So, if you have something to spare, you can donate online, just go the the Stand up to cancer website: