hard to believe

Monday, September 01, 2008

"...I wanted life to be this way
Just a little bit of love could mean so much

Oh please don't take it all away
But with you heaven is still close enough to touch

Because your love is still the only thing
That matters in this world

The only thing I can believe..."

- Hard to Believe, Eraserheads

Hard to Believe. My ulitmate, favorite Eraserheads song. That's why when Cueshe did a cover of that song, I was livid. I thought to myself, "What a sacrilege!" Hehe. but that's another story. ;)

There's quite a lot of Eraserheads' songs to choose from and picking just one favorite is really hard. At some point of my existence, there's a different Eraserheads song that would fit any phase I was in. That's how universal their songs are to me (and probably most of the Ehead's fans).

So what brought on this nostalgia? As if you didn't know. Hehe. Of course it's because of the much awaited Reunion Concert.

I wanted to watch it the moment I heard that they were going to have a reunion. Sadly it wasn't meant to be for me. But through the power of camphones and youtube, I was able to watch the Eraserheads perform together again after several years. And they sang the songs of my generation.

It was electrifying.

Even if I wasn't there to watch it live, I felt the energy of the crowd. Kiniliabutan ako pagkapanood ko ng opening. Grabe. I was so envious of the people who were able to watch Ely, Raimund, Buddy & Marcus play together as a band once again.

I felt like I was in high school once again . Hehehe, oo na, my age is showing. I don't care. Before the Eraserheads, I didn't listen to OPM. Call me elitist or whatever, but I was so into American & Brit Pop, Rock & Alternative music then that I didn't listen to OPM. Back then, the OPM scene was not thriving like it is now. I think the only OPM I listened to was The Dawn, and I was influenced by my older, more music savvy kuyas. Thank God. :)

As we all know, the concert was cut short when Ely was rushed to the hospital. Yes, it was bitin, but I echo the sentiments of the people who were there. The 15 songs were worth it. There weren't any boos or shouts of refund, or bottle throwing, like expected, when they announced that it was the end of the show. I guess the crowd matured already and they understood the situation. I'm glad Ely is okay.

Whoever thought of the reunion concert, thank you. And to the people who made it happen, bless you. I hope there's gonna be a part 2.

Is it too early for me to ask for another reunion concert? :)