a bus story i'll never forget

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I never run out of bus stories.

I have a new one.

And out of all my bus stories this is one story I will never forget.

Last Friday as usual after work, I rode the bus from Shaw to the corner of Roxas Blvd. & Coastal Mall. It started out like an ordinary day. I logged out at 9:30am, walked the short distance from the World Wide Corporate Center to the bus stop in front of StarMall and waited for the NAIA bound bus. I was already sleepy coz I only had 4 hours of sleep before going to work the previous night. It was a good thing I didn't have to wait long for a bus and the bus I rode had a lot of free seats. Yipee! I really hate riding a packed bus, with just half my butt on the seat (hehe!).

I sat on the right side, near the window. I didn't have a seatmate until Guadalupe when a guy sat beside me. I minded my own business at first and tried to watch the film being shown on the bus (it was Resident Evil 3, if you're curious :p).

After a while, I noticed that the guy beside me kept bumping me whenever the bus driver hit the brakes. I thought to myself, "Ang OA naman nito, di naman ganun kalakas yung pagbrake." Because I was so sleepy, while we were stuck in traffic at EDSA, I closed my eyes a bit. The sun was also hurting my eyes (vampire?).

I woke up when I felt someone breathing on my neck. PUNYETA! Maniac yung katabi ko! Eeew! Kadiri!

It was a good thing I had fast reflexes coz the moment I felt his breath on my neck I sat up straight and hit him in the face with my elbow and screamed, "kuya manong, may maniac sa tabi ko!". The guy was surprised coz 1, he didn't think I would react like I did and 2, I think I broke his nose when I hit him with my elbow. Wahaha! Vengeance is mine!

He got up as soon as I screamed and he was able run out coz unfortunately, someone just got out of the bus. The conductor and some of the other passengers tried to run after him but they weren't able to catch him. Too bad! I would have loved to see that guy in jail. But I guess it was okay coz I broke his nose. How could I be sure? Hehehe.. nagdudugo ilong nya nung tumakbo sha palabas eh. ^_^

Meanwhile, back in the bus I felt weird coz everyone was looking at me, talking to me (or should I say, interviewing me?), or was talking about me. I've never liked the spotlight and I felt really uncomfortable.

I think my adrenalin was on overdrive that time coz I didn't cry like any normal girl would if something like this happens to them. I didn't feel helpless. I felt furious. Then I felt like laughing coz I remembered my reaction. My gah. Palengkera mode. But hey, at least I was able to defend myself, right?

While I was laughing at my reaction, I texted my friends about what happened. They were worried but they laughed at my reaction, as well.

Moral of the story: Always be aware of your surroundings. Always be on guard and don't close your eyes for even a second if you're commuting alone. Having fast reflexes is a must :) Wag ka na mahiya mag-eskandalo, if it will save you.

Do I still ride the bus home? Yup

Am I scared? Not really. Hmm.. Maybe a little bit. But I'm comforted by the thought that I was able to defend myself.

Do I still close my eyes while on the bus ride home? Hell, no!