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Saturday, August 16, 2008

If there was one good thing that came out of the SMEs disbandment, it would have to be the our closeness. We are closer than ever. I mean we were close before, but now we're really, really tight.

I guess we're all hanging onto each other, lengthening the times we spend with each other until the inevitable schedule change in September. We haven't really felt the full impact of our dispersal to other teams because we still have the same blocked schedules, and our workstations are near each other. But come September, we'd follow the schedules of our new teams, and we'd see each other less.

This week we still had our breaks and lunches together and we were still in one or two quadrants. It's funny how we gravitate to one another. It's like our first instinct when we arrive at the floor is to look for one another and find workstations that would be close to one another.

Twice this week most of us would go to Shang after shift to have lunch before going home. Parang we can't get enough of each other's company. It's like we're accumulating the time we spend together because we know that we'd see less of each other soon.

Yesterday was Chris' last day and we had planned on going out for lunch after shift again. But after shift, Chris & Chie were no where to be found. Ang daya! Nauna na sila umuwi. Hmmpft. Chris said he had to go somewhere, but my gut feel tells me he left before we all have another drama mode.

Even if Chris & Chie went home already, Joan, JR, Mike, Kayeee, Rome, Marj, Rona, Sofie, Ness, Herwin, Minnie, Rox, Mae, Carmie and I still proceeded to Shang for lunch. Hehehe.. ang dami namin. As usual, maingay at masaya kami. You can't put us in one place and expect us to be quiet. :p Lunch was fun. It was like having lunch with your family during a family gathering or being in a reunion with friends you haven't seen in years. Yung maingay, halo-halo at patalon-talon yung conversation, naguusap like we haven't seen each in 10 years. Asaran. Karinyo-brutal. My gah, mamimiss ko yung ganun.

It's funny how in all our gimmicks, Joan ends up being the treasurer. Hahaha! Parang pagkatapos ng lahat, we'd look at Joan and ask her, "Magkano babayaran ko?" Pos si Ms.(Mr.? :p) Sungit, ma-aasar pero sha din ang magko-compute. Ahaha!

Marj said something while we were waiting for our food to be served and it struck me most. She said she doesn't feel sad yet coz we have the same schedules and that she knows she will feel the full impact when we all have to be with our new teams. Hay. I have to agree. Ngayon pa nga lang na magkakasama pa kami nasa-sad na ako, what more pag iba-iba na ang schedules namin at hindi na kami mashado magkikita-kita?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata... :)

The only SMEs we rarely see are Wil and Carlo who are both on the night shift. We see each other on the floor before they go home but because of the different schedules, bihira na kami magkwentuhan. Wil was supposed to be on terminal leave already but she texted yesterday that her resignation letter hasn't been signed yet.

I always see Carlo in the pantry when we're on break and Carlo, who rarely joins in our daily email spamming emailed last night, "Teammates, goodluck sa ating lahat at nami-miss ko na team natin =)" Aww.. anchweet. He doesn't seem the type who'd say that coz sometimes he's just deadma, so everyone found his short email sweet.

Natatawa pa ako kasi nasalubong ko sha kahapon. I told him that we're planning to go to Shang after shift to have lunch and invited him to go with us. He said he can't because he has an early shift. And I said, "Ok, next time na lang." bade him goodbye and proceeded to walk to my station. Then he calls me, I looked back and asked him "Why?" He said, "Hindi ka mawawala sa T-shirt mo." Waves bye and left. Meanwhile I was still standing near MR-014 looking confused. ANO DAW?! Then it hit me, I was wearing my Orion shirt (yes that shirt again :p), with my name printed at the back. I couldn't help but laugh and shake my head while walking to my workstation.

Mamimiss ko talaga silang lahat!