what a shift

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I had a fun shift last night. It started out normally. I got there 30 minutes before my shift started and I talked to JR & Carlo,while I was checking my email. Then Rome & Chiqui transferred workstations, while they were on break (they couldn't stay at our quadrant when they arrived co the ERP was still there). Rome had chichiria, pero since madami kami, nabitin kami at naubos agad.

JR said he was still hungry, Chiqui said she was too. Then the others arrived. Marju came first, followed by Wil, Carmie, and Mike. Then Mabby also transferred to our quadrant. Everyone, we found out, was in different states of hunger.

Then someone said we should buy some chips downstairs. We agreed that we'd pay P10/person, so Mabby, JR & I went to Ministop to buy some chips. We bought 2 Tempura snacks, Vcut, Chippy and Nagaraya. Did I mention we bought the big bags? Hehehe. We were already at the cashier when Mabby & I saw the cheesebread and decided to get one pack. We looked like we were going on a picnic or a field trip because of the food we bought.

When we got upstairs our teammates were like little kids during Christmas morning. Sobrang tuwa na may pagkain. Ahahah!

We said, "It's not P10/person, its' P18/person na. No pay, no food."

To which Carlo said, "Hindi ako gutom." Wahahahahaahah! Mr. Kuripot strikes again.

At 11pm we had a scheduled training about the latest phone Sprint introduced, the Samsung Instinct. Some of us weren't on the list but joined the training, as long as the number could be accommodated because there was a client directive that the training class shouldn't have more than 25 participants. After we signed the attendance sheet, our trainer RJ said that unfortunately, we were more than 25, so some of the people who weren't on the list would have to attend the other training run. No one wanted to leave. Hehehe. Then Stef, one of the trainers said they can still accommodate 3 people, so only one would leave.

Nobody moved.
Ang kukulet.

Then Joan said, "Carlo, ikaw naman ang lalaki, magbigay ka na, kaw na lang." Wawa naman. Hehe. Then Carmie said, "Eh ikaw di ka ba lalaki?" To which Joan answered, "Hindi no, half-half lang ako."

Carlo had no choice but to leave and go back and man the helpline. Before he left the room, he switched the lights off in jest. Hehehe. Funny, pero parang naawa ako. Sabi ko pa, ang laki-laki nya, inaapi natin. It's a good thing he's not pikon.