I hate goodbyes

Monday, July 21, 2008

I feel sad today. And it's all James, Dads and Shelay's fault. Hehehe.

I read their entries this morning and it all had one theme. Goodbyes. :'( I hate goodbyes. Then again, who doesn't? It's just that I realized that my little work bubble is about to burst. Over the past year, a lot of my work friends have left the company. Most of the Vonage people I worked with during my first year at work have already left.

My distribution list which had more than 30 people is down to 15 or less and it's still shrinking. I saw the latest roster and Sprint Care Wave One which had 150 agents, now only has 27, including me. Sa original team ko, Team Orion, si Ish na lang ang nandun. I feel sad whenever I see our white board na sinulatan ni Paul (our TL, who resigned months ago) ng names naming lahat. My SME team has gone down from 35 to 26 (and counting) And of course, my beloved Vonage Wave One, then 28 is now just 12 and will go down to 11 in the next two weeks. Pakshet. Halos lahat ng close ko umalis na. I'm glad yung mga natirang matibay close din sa puso ko, siguro lalo ako ma-sa-sad kung pati sila unti-unti na rin nawala. Nagtataka nga ko kung bakit nandun pa din ako. Hehe. Tanga lang.

Sabi ni TL Rye, di pa ako handa iwan yung comfort zone ko. Pano ngayon unti unti na nawawala yung comfort zone ko. Time to move on.

I posted the pic above, which I grabbed from James coz that's one of the pics I saw that made me sad. Of the four people in that pic, I'm the only one that hasn't left. Ako na lang ang natitira. Memon & Shelay resigned almost a month ago. James is set to follow in two weeks. I looked at my Photo Page earlier and I almost couldn't look at the Photo albums. Kasi sa lahat ng pictures, except sa pics na ako lang mag-isa, nasasabi ko na, "ay wala na sha, ay nag-resign na din sha." Nakakalungkot.

Nagtataka ang management kung bakit madami nang nawala. Sabi nila karamihan newbies na hindi sanay, na na-overwhelm. I say otherwise. Karamihan sa tenured agents na kaibigan ko nagresign na. Isipin nyo kung bakit. Isipin nyo kung bakit sino pa yung magagaling, yun ang mga nagresign. Sa mga kasabay ko sa Wave One ng program, tanungin nyo kung bakit 27 na lang ang natitira at madami pa ang aalis soon.


I hate goodbyes.


Vayie said...


I can relate. I am working at a BPO company too and goodbyes are inevitable in such business setting. Its hard to really find a true friend that you can be with for years.

I hate the word too. Regardless of the form.