bus music

Friday, July 25, 2008

I've written about the things I like about riding the bus home, now I"m going to write about the reasons why I hate riding the bus home.

Let me enumerate:

1. crowded, standing room only bus
2. the driver driving the bus at 80 mph & above, swerving left & right and ther braking too hard;
3. the kunduktor (ano ba English nito? Conductor?) telling you, "maluwag pa, maluwag pa" then when you board the bus, you end up standing for half the trip.
4. seatmates who sit like they own the bus, that you end up with just half of your butt on the seat;
5. smelly seatmates (oo na maarte na, eh ikaw, gusto mo bang may katabi kang may B.O.? di ba hindi rin? ^_^ aminin!)

ang lastly...
6. i really hate bus music!!!

OMG. #6 is the reason why I am grateful that my phone has a music player. If not, I'd probably tear all my hair out listening to bus music.

Common station: Yung "kelangan bang imemorize yan?" radio station. Tanggap ko na yung every after 3 songs, they'd ask that. What I can't take is the music. SIge, may times na ok yung music, like pag 80s love song or new wave song, or 90s music. Pero may OPM songs na hindi ko kinakayang pakinggan.

Most recent pet peeve? Tagalog versions of Low & Umbrella. ARRRGH!!! Ang sakit sa utak!

"di ka na mababasa ng ulan.. di na.. di na.. di na.."

Mansanas Pantalon
at sapatos na balbon
Buong beerhouse nakalingon
ayy nadapa!
Bigla bigla!
Nagspaghetti pabababa ng pabababa ng pabababa