2 years na ba yun?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Today is my 2nd anniversary at work. I still cannot believe I lasted 2 years, after all the complaints, rants and frustrations, specially during the past few months. ^_^

Out of the 25 people in our batch, only 8 remain, 12 if you add the others that joined our Client Specs. Whoa di ba? I've lost touch with s few but most communicate in some way. And the 12 that reamined are as close as ever.

I've learned a lot during the past 2 years. there have been many ups and downs. I've been in two accounts, have been given the opportunity to take in more responsibilities. There are a lot to be thankful for but what I treasure most are my superfriends (wave one and friends), the sme team, my tl friends. Without them, I know I wouldn't have made it to this day. Friends have come and gone but the friendship remained.

My wave one friends and I were spamming earlier and we listed the things we learned during the past 2 years. It was hilarious! I wish I can post it, but it would reveal too much, hehe.

Happy Anniv Wave One! Akalain nyo yun, nagtagal tayo? ^_^ Whatever we decide on the next few months, I konw the friendship wouldn't end. Sa dinami-dami pa naman ng pinagdaanan natin? :) Here's to more bonding moments, inuman sessions, overnights and roadtrips.