my latest embarrassing moment

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I felt so sleepy at work earlier I can barely keep my eyes open while I was listening/rating the calls of the agents assigned to me.

My allergies struck and I couldn't stop coughing whenever I went the quadrant of my assigned team. Kamusta naman? Paano magfloor support if tumatahol ako pag nagtatanong sila? It was a good thing there was antihistamine in the clinic (hooray! may supplies sila ngayon!) otherwise I would have continued barking throughout my shift.

And that's the reason I felt so sleepy.

But I wasn't able to sleep (which is a good thing) coz the whole floor was a-buzzing about the "show" that happened a few hours before I got to work. I won't go into details coz it's really none of my business, suffice to say the incident brought entertainment on the floor. Hehehe.

OMG! I just remembered something really embarrassing that happened to me when I got to work.

It was already 12:30am when I arrived and I was a bit frazzled coz I fell asleep in the car. When I woke up, we were already at the stoplight near Shang (which was just a few meters from teh office. When I got out of the car, I was still a bit sleepy. You could say that my reflexes aren't working normally.

There were about 20 people by the stairs, outside Mcdo & Starbucks, coz I think it was the trainees' lunch or break. Basta, madaming tao.

So I got out of the car, walked up the flight of stairs, and I was halfway up the stairs when I miscalculated my step. And then I felt my knees start to buckle. And then BAM! Nadapa ako. Bwahahaahah! Nakakahiya!!!

Hindi naman ganoon kahalata na nadapa ako kung hindi lang ako napasigaw ng P#%^$@&*! But I couldn't stop myself, pos parang slow-mo pa yung pagkakadapa ko. Hehehe... Eh may kasabay ako maglakad paakyat, shempre nagulat yung guy nataranta sha, ask sha agad, "Are you okay?" Sa sobrang hiya ko hindi ako nakasalita, nagthumbs up lang ako sa kanya, pos lakad ako ng mabilis paakyat. WAHAHAHHAHA! Tang-ina talaga, nakakahiya.

Eto pa ang kicker: I was wearing my Team Orion shirt with my nickname printed at the back. Ang saya di ba? Heehee!