decisions, decisions...

Friday, June 06, 2008

A lot of things have happened during the past week and I am still overwhelmed.

I am still torn and confused and I still don't know what my final decision would be. I didn't realize that things will be moving this fast and I guess I wasn't ready for that big decision. I've spoken to a lot of people over the past few days and they certainly have good arguments on both sides, which confuses me even more.

I apologize if I'm being vague again, in time I'll speak more freely about it, I'm just not ready yet. But it's no secret that I'm disappointed and frustrated at work. And though I enjoy what I'm doing and I'm motivated to go to work because of my friends and co-workers, certain developments at work are making me look into other opportunities. I just didn't realize things will be moving this fast.

I got to work last Tuesday morning looking dazed and confused. Overwhelmed talaga ako. Ang bilis ng mga pangyayari. At ang bilis din ng balita. Hahaha! It was really funny when I was walking from one end of the operation's area to the other end that people would ask me if what they heard was true. Hello? I just told my co-SMEs and a few friends about it. Hehe, may pakpak nga ang balita.

I bumped into one of the agents I handled in the Communications Care Bay around lunch time and she asked me if it was true. And I asked her how she knew about it. She said one of her team mates emailed her about it. And I said I didn't tell her anything. Apparently, my friends and I weren't discreet enough and our conversation was overheard. Hehe.

I already have a pros & cons list, and the offer is really tempting but my gut feel tells me something else. I'm apprehensive to take the offer at the same time I feel I might regret it if I let it go.

There's another situation at work that makes it quite harder for me to leave (ay, nadulas? :p). Siguro magaling lang ako magtago, walang nakakapansin ng lungkot ko (o kung meron man, di na sila nagtatanong kung bakit). Ilang beses na din ako naiyak sa workstation ko kakaisip kung paano aayusin yung sitwasyon. Pinagdadasal ko na kung magdecide man ako umalis, sana maayos ang lahat.