on coping

Monday, May 12, 2008

People have different coping mechanisms and it differs on the situation.

I, for example, either pig out on ice cream, blog, listen to very loud music or sleep. It can be done simultaneously, like i'd eat ice cream and listen to rock/metal/alternative music while blogging, or one after the other. Hehehe.

In light of the news I've received last week, I've had a hot fudge sundae for 3 consecutive days (baaad), and I've listened to all the loud music i have (good luck to my eardrums) and tuned out the sounds at the office. I've also blogged, though most of what I composed are just for a select few. And I slept.

When I got home last Saturday I was so depressed, I slept at 11am and I woke up at 7am Sunday morning. My gah. Tulog kung tulog. I guess it was my body saying its drained.

Friday morning was a bad morning, and last Saturday, my teammates and I were just like walking zombies. Just going through the motions.

We all felt the same way. We wanted to rant and rebel but we thought it best to be the better persons. We were just comforted by the fact that though this crisis (and yes we consider it a crisis), we stuck together and were able to be there for each other. It was nice having lunch with most of them and talking to one another on a different level.

Whatever happens within the next couple of weeks, I'm glad we became team mates and I'm glad I became part of the BEST team there is.