Sunday, May 11, 2008

I composed this on my phone while dad and I were at Loyola Memorial Park this afternoon. We were there to visit mom's grave. This has been a typical Sunday for us for almost 3 years now and I still can't get used to mom not being here in every aspect of my life.

My friend Aimee is right, the pain doesn't go away, we just learn how to deal with it better. And I think we've done just that.

I still miss mom everyday and I miss her even more during special occassions and on days I need a shoulder to cry on. She was my bestest (yes, I know it's not a word) friend and I honestly felt that my world crumbled when she passed on. I'm still not the same Jennie I was when she was here, and I doubt I will ever be the same again. But during past couple of years my family and I learned how to cope and I think we're doing okay so far :)

Hay, I so miss my mom. If you still have your moms with you, don't let a day pass without telling them and showing them you love them.