DC Rocks!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ay naku, dapat tulog na ako or at least nagpapack for our SME Outing tomorrow, but here I am stilla wake. Nawala ang antok ko. The suspense almost killed me pos alam mo yung pakiramdam na sudden rush tapos biglang subside? Hahaha! That's how I feel right now. ANd it's all your fault, David Cook!

My Gah! I was afraid America will vote for the adorable one, but they got it right this time and voted DAVID ROLAND COOK as the New American Idol.

Ang tagal ng two hours, sobrang daming performances from comebacking artists and the Top 12, plus an annoying performance by the "We are Brothers forever" guy, complete with the marching bands.

I did like Jason Castro's Hallelujah and THe guy's performance with Bryan Adams, but the night belonged to David Cook.

Halfway through the show, I though they were pimping out an Archuleta win, because he got to sing Apologize with One Republic, while David Cook performed with oldie rockers, ZZ Top. Hello di ba?

David Cook not only won, he won BIG! 56 million votes and 12 million votes over Archuleta. Now that's what I call a WIN.

It was funny how the camera panned to Jeff Archuleta, David A's dad when Cook was announced the winner. Parang everybody was anticipating what his reaction would be. Gracious naman sha, in fairness.

Hay.. I need to sleep na. BUt first, I gotta download more DC songs. Hehehe!

Congratulations, DC! You truly deserve it. :D

PS: Feeling ko vindication to. Kasi tanga sila dati vinote out agad si Chris Daughtry chaka si Elliott Yamin at ang pinanalo si Taylor Hicks. Hehehe, conspiracy theory.