Game K N B?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I just finished watching Game KNB because one of my friends from work, Dads, was a player. It was taped last Monday and he didn't tell us the complete datails, so we were excited to watch him play.

It's a good thing I'm on birthday leave and I was able to watch him. Bad trip lang kasi as the program was about to start, our cable went out. Nyak! Panic mode. Buti nakapanood din. I was on the phone with Pee-em while watching the show while the rest of the Superfriends were text spamming. Wow. Send to all, parang sa outlook lang. Kitkat, Franchie, Skellie, Racquel, Kulot and JR were at the office and watched the show at the pantry.

Naiiyak kami ni Pee-em kakatawa kasi nag-opening spiel pa sha habang iniinterview ni Edu. Ang lakas pa mang-kantiyaw sa text ng superfriends kaya tawa kami ng tawa. Kasi may mga sabaw moments sha, which is understandable. Mabroadcast ba naman yun sa buong Pilipinas isama pa ang world dahil sa TFC? Kung di ka masabaw, ewan ko na lang. :p

He reached the top 3, sayang di sha yung umabot sa P1M question, but we're so proud of him for reaching that far. :)

Lagot lang sha kasi papasayawin namin sha ng papaya dance pagpasok nya. Ahahaha!