on patience

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Patience is a virtue."

Unfortunately, I don't think I have that virtue. Hehehe. See? Im being honest. :) I've always said that patience is not one of my virtues. Believe me, I have been trying and for the most part, I think I'm suceeding.

I've learned to count 10 times before blurting out anything, I always have my stressball with me, and I think happy thoughts (hehe). But there are days that no matter what you do, it just makes you snap.

Last Saturday was one of those days. And I was on full biatch mode the moment I entered the Ops Area. Well, maybe about after 30 seconds coz I was still perkily greeting my co-SMEs when I entered the room.

Then one of the agents I was handling ruined it for me.

For the past three weeks that I've been handling them, she always asks me the same question when she arrives. "Jen, saan tayo nakaplot?" And I understood that the first two weeks coz they're TL was still in learning lab and I was the one in charge of them. Add the fact that by the time they arrive for their shift, the workstations plotted for them are occupied because there's a shortage of workstations. So I had to look for workstations for them. But after talking to the TL who does the plotting, they're always plotted on the same quadrant and I told them the day before that they're still plotted there the next day.

So when she asked me the same question last Saturday, as I was about to log in, my patience wore thin. I answered, "Honestly, do I look like a workstation plotting to you? Girl, for a change, can you check the plotting posted?" Ang baaaad ko!!! Pero ikaw di ka ba mapipikon if everyday for the past 3 weeks yun ang tanong sa iyo, eh pwede naman nya icheck? Pero tinuro ko pa din naman sa kanya kung saan sila.

Then as I was approaching their quadrant, another girl from that team screamed, "Jen! wala akong amplifier!" Anong gusto nyang gawin ko? Ako pa maghanap ng amp for her? Eh 10 minutes na after their log in time nandun pa din sha hindi naghahanap? Waw. Pumaparaan na naman sha. Ay nakoh, nakakaloka sila!

I told her, there are a lot of ws with amps, you can set up there or if you can't find one, you can go to the security office and ask if they have extra amps. One of her teamates said, "Kaw naman, di naman natin secretary si Jen" OMG! Thank you! I could have kissed her when she said that. Di naman nila ako utusan. I'm there to help them improve their Issue Resolution, language skills and assist with calls but I am not her slave. Mabait naman ako eh, wag mo lang abusuhin.

Hay... nakakapagod magbitch mode.

I need more patience, Lord.