happy anniversary, mom & dad

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thirty-three years ago today, our parents, Ben & Divine, got married.

In this day and age, 33 years is an accomplishment and I am happy that my parents stayed together for 30 years, until mom passed away in 2005.

There have been lots of ups and downs but it only made their bond stronger. It was evident when mom got sick and all throughout her chemo sessions.

It was a bit weird greeting dad earlier. I can tell it still hurts that mom not here anymore. Naisip ko, if it's still hard for me, what more para kay daddy?

I greeted him while we were having breakfast. Then he had this wistful smile on his face and he closed his eyes. I knew that he's remembering the good times they had together. Ang ganda ng smile nya. Pinigilan ko lang umiyak, kasi alam ko kung nakita nya na umiiyak din ako, maiiyak din sha. And I didn't want him to lose that smile on his face.