bus advetures with shelay

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I didn't go to work today and I am bored out of my wits. I woke up nauseous and had an overall eeewy feeling (for lack of a better word). And since it's already summer, it's very hot and humid at home. That’s a good combination, don’t you think? Hahaha!

It’s a good thing that I had downloaded a lot of ebooks lately (huhu, I still remember the ebooks I had before the pc crashed, but that’s another story.) and I've already finished reading two in two hours. :)

I almost pulled a double shift yesterday. My shift starts at 4am and ends at 1pm but I was able to leave the office before 7pm. Soulmate Shelay, Memon and I still had to fix the Communications Wall in preparation for the Board of Director's meeting last night. I was so sleepy that I was already cranky (hehe, sorry naman Shelay and Memon, pagod lang) and I didn't like the thought that the opening shift would already be there by the time we got home. As a matter of fact, as we were packing up, Yveth arrived followed by TL Ziggy (who I saw when I got to the office at four am). My gaaah! Nakatulog na sila nandun pa din kami! We met our co-SME, Reji by the lockers and he looked like he just woke up from a long, restful slumber. Nainggit ako. Hehe.

Hay, the next time this happens, learn to say no. Di naman utusan ang Champs eh. This happened twice already. I actually wouldn't have minded doing that (Comm. Wall) if I was given ample time to do it and not at the last minute. Soulmate, next time, uuwi na talaga ako. hehehe.

On the way home, I felt hungry. I normally just ignore the manongs who board the bus and sell food, but last night I couldn't. Sabi ko pa,"ay, bibili ako soulmate, pangtawid gutom din yan." Wahahahah! Parang line sa cheesy Tagalog movie. Shelay and I just had to laugh at that. Come to think of it, Shelay and I have a lot of bus stories to tell. It's certainly isn't boring when we're on our way home.

One time we were seated at the back of the driver and the conductor just changed the dvd. We were curious what movie would be next and as soon as the first scene played, Shelay exclaimed, "Ay! Anak ng Kumander yan!" I was like, "how could you know?" "Basta, soulmate, yan yun." Tawa na kami ng tawa. at I'm sorry, ang lakas talaga ng tawa namin nun pinakita yung title ng movie. Anak ng Kumander nga! Manny Pacquiao's movie. Shyet.

We had no choice but to watch it. As much as I wanted to ignore the movie, it simply cannot be ignored. Pigil na pigil yung tawa ko habang pinapanood ko si Manny Pacquiao umarte. Sorry talaga, pero magboxing na lang sha. Umiiyak na ako kakatawa, si Shelay naman hinihika na. Needless to say, it was an unforgetable bus ride.

The next day on the way home, the bus that we were riding also had a "video on board" The movie? Tataynic, Dolphy's movie that was set at a cruise ship (shades of Titanic?). Okay lang yung movie, typical Dolphy film, pero ang panalo sa bus ride na yun ay yung ale na katabi ko. Hagalpak talaga sha kakatawa. At yung mga reaction nya kaloka talaga. She was so into the movie, she almost missed her stop. Hahaha!

The most memorable bus rides would have to be the times we rode the ordinary bus. When we boarded the bus, there were 2 groups of gays (as in screaming fags - no disrespect meant) on the bus one group was near the bus driver and the otehr group at the back. Shelay and I were in the middle. They were really loud during the whole bus ride but I didn't mind it. Some of their comments were actually amusing. Then the driver suddenly braked hard and yung gay na nakaupos sa harap tumilapon sa upuan nya and landed on all fours. I was trying to stiffle my laugh and it was hard specially when the gays at the back commented. Turns out they knew each other and were actually together. Haha!

Riding an ordinary bus while cruising Macapagal Avenue is certainly an adventure. Sa lakas ng hangin kulang na lang matanggal mukha ko at ang buhok kung saan saan napupunta. I had the misfortune of sitting by the window and I didn't know how to keep my eyeglasses and my big hoop earrings from flying off, while trying to keep my hair from flying all over the place. Imaginin mo na lang kung ano ichura ko nun. Hehehe.

Bukas kaya, anong klaseng bus story meron kami? :)