starting over

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Inaagiw na yata yung blog ko. ^_^ Tagal na ng last entry ko. Sorry naman, blog, di na kita napapansin, kasi pag-uwi ko pagod na ako, tulog na lang. Ahaha! Parang tanga lang, kinakausap ang blog. Katakot pag sumagot sha. :p

I think I haven't blogged in 3 weeks? Oops, 2 weeks pa lang yata. : ) It seems longer, coz I haven't been online much lately. My new tasks at work are tiring, but I'm enjoying it. Weird nga daw ako, coz I enjoy scrubbing the Invalid Cases that have been filed by the agents at work. Haha!

So, how was your Valentine's Day celebrations? I haven't bloghopped yet eh. How was mine? Hehehe.. let's just say this year, hindi sha malamig. Bwahaha!

Another reason I haven't been online much is because our PC's harddrive went pfft! I said goodbye to thousands of songs and the numerous ebooks I've downloaded over the past couple of years. I'd have to rebuild my playlist, hay. But i'ts a good thing I saved some of my favorites here on Multiply and I was able to save it on the new Hard drive. I don't even want to think about the files that I lost... I might just cry.

Hay.. when did I last blog about losing my files? 2 years ago? And I haven't learned my lesson yet. I didn't back up! ARGH! I was able to back up some files but not the most recent ones. Nakakaines.

Oh well, isipin ko na lang, it's time to start over. Fresh start. Pero nakakapanghinayang pa din, when I think about the thousands of songs sa music library ko. Huhuhu! Tigas kasi ng ulo, di pa din nagback up!

Mag-Thursday meme na lang tayo:

1. Do you wish your previous relationship could have lasted longer?
~ nope.

2. What did you last eat?
~ ponkan

3. What is your name?
~ jennie

4. A line from the song your listening to?
~ "you probably won't remember me, it's probably ancient history, i'm one of the chosen few who went ahead and fell for you..."

5. How is life going for you right now?
~ ok lang

6. Are you keeping a secret from someone that needs to know the truth?
~ nope

7. Who was your last text message from?
~ mitch

8. What was the reason you last cried?
~ when my friends and I wnet to little Cj's wake, we couldn't help but cry

9. What was the first thing you said when you woke up today?
~ waw, may text sha ^_^

10. What's your perfume?
~ right now i'm using bath & body work's sea island cotton, alternating with victoria's secret pear and marks and spencer's lavender

11. Last time you couldn't take your eyes off someone?
~ hahahaha! 2 nights ago ;)

12. What do most people call you?
~ jennie, jen, jay

13. Last drink of liquor?
~ waw, tagal na, last dec pa, frozen margarita

14. Have you ever hated someone, but ended up being friends with them?
~ hmm.. wala ako maisip. yun yung bad sa akin, if i don't like you sorry na lang

15. Are you more independent or dependent?
~ depends on the situation. haha!

16. What are you gonna be doing this afternoon at 12?
~ ay, 4 na, but i had lunch kanina

17. Who will you see today?
~ family, my titas went to the house coz lola's leaving for the US tomorrow morning

18. Have you ever been cheated on?
~ hay nakoh.

19. Women are ______?
~ fabulous!

20. Men are _______?
~ from mars? ^_^

21. Last time you broke a rule?
~ 2 months ago

22. What did you buy the last time you went shopping?
~ hoop earrings lang

23. Do you give out second chances too easily?
~ not really.

24. Last car ride?
~ Tuesday on the way to work

25. What is the last book you read?
~ the rescue - nicholas sparks

26. What are you reading now?
~ uh.. this survey

27. Who are you jealous of?
~ wala naman

28. Who can always make you laugh?
~ memon, kulot, shelay

29. What were you doing at 11:59 PM on Monday night?
~ just woke up, had to leave for my shift an hour after that eh

30. When did you last ate french fries and with whom?
~ last Tuesday with memon, dads and rome