Rest in Peace, little angel

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I woke up last night to one of my friends' text message that his 7 month old niece, CJ, was in the NICU of the Medical City. Cj was brought to the hospital last night and was diagnosed with dengue fever. It was heartbreaking to think that little CJ had several tubes hooked to her.

My friend, Dads, was giving us updates on the condition of his niece, that she already had 3 blood transfusions. My blood type is O, the universal donor, and I was prepared to give blood if needed. By midmorning, my friend smsed that little CJ was awake and already had a stronger BP and we felt somewhat relieved.

While Rome and I were on lunch, we received another text from Dads that their little angel has passed away. I cannot imagine how hard it is for CJ's mom to see her little angel go. It's always hard to lose a loved one and I hope Dads' sister would be able to take the pain. It's easy to say that everything will be okay, that they already have an angel in heaven looking out for them, but it will not erase the pain the family is feeling right now. I hope and pray that they will have the strength to get through this.

Rest in Peace, little angel.


Kai said...

That's just unfair. I'm so sorry about that.