it's idol season once again

Saturday, February 23, 2008

American Idol is back! And yes, I'm still hooked. Every year they say that it's the best batch and every year I'll believe it. Hahaha! Gullible much? ^_^

This year, I think the guys are better than the girls. I don't know if this years crop of Idol hopefuls would match the batch of Chris Daughtry and Elliot Yamin, but I dont' really care. I'll still watch it. As long as the winner is another taylor Hicks. I mean c'mon?! I still can't believe he won. Where is he now, again? Hahahaha! Ang bad ko no?

Anyway, my favorite so far is Jason Castro (pic above). I loved his performance a couple of nights ago. It was so refreshing. I'm looking forward to watching his next performances. Plus, I love his eyes. Ang sarap titigan. Ahihi!

I also think Aussie Michael Johns (hmm... any relation to Daniel Johns of Silverchair?) has a chance. I liked his rendition of The Door's Light my Fire. Astig. David Archuleta is quite good too and he's being hyped as one of the early favorites. Danny Noriega is sassy. Hahaha! I couldn't help but laugh at his reaction to Simon's critique. Ang taray ng lola mo.

There are two guys I didn't like the first time I watched them. One was the Justin TImberlake lookalike "rocker". I don't even remember his name. Robbie Something. Haha! He looked like a rocker poser. Fake ang dating. Even Simon commented on that. Then there's Garret Haley, the first guy cut from the Top 24. Ewan, basta lang di ko sha type. Hahahaha! That sounded bitchy.

As for the girls, of course I'm rooting for Fil-Am Ramiele Malubay. NOt just because she's Filipina, but because of her voice. She's so petite but when she sings, you'd wonder where the voice came from. Haha! As in lung power! I hope she makes it. :) I also like Asia'h , but when she sings there's too many runs. Nakakairita minsan, pero maganda boses nya. And of course there's Carly Smithson. I think she's good, too. Plus, it's like she's the one being hyped to win the competition.

I hope my bets win. :)