thoughts at 3 am

Monday, January 21, 2008

I didn't go to work today. My friend said could it be because of what happened last Friday. Ahahaa! I had a good laugh at that. Of course I'm sad, but that's not the reason I didn't go to work. It's because I'm sick. Again.

I've had the fever since Sunday morning, which was weird because I felt fine prior to that. In fact, Saturday night I was feeling perky. I fell asleep at 3am and woke up at 6am with a fever. Just like that. It kinda worries me because fevers are usually the symptoms of something, right? But I don't have any cough or colds, I don't have "pilay", di ako nabasa ng ulan, di ako natuyuan ng pawis sa likod. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

So could it be internal or am I just being paranoid again? Hay naku, ewan. But it's something that I don't intend to ignore. I don't care if they think I'm paranoid, I just don't wanna wake up one day to find out I have an incurable disease or something. Knock on wood! Waw. Talk about morbid...

Paul and I were texting Saturday night and before going to bed I said something about being scared to look out windows at night coz something might stare back at me. Hehehe. Then he said when they were at the house last time, he saw something outside my bedroom window. Shyet! You don't tell me that and expect me not to be scared. :p It could be a joke but my active imagination goes on overdrive. Especially since Memon mentioned something like that to me, too.

So I ended up sleeping underneath the comforter. As in nakatalukbong. And it was fortunate that it was a cold Saturday night, well techinically it was Sunday already, coz I guess I fell asleep around 3 am (witching hour? ahahaha!). Woke up a few minutes later to the sound of a screaming banshee and alternately, a woman whispering something incoherent in my ear. Hello?! I don't know if it's bangungot, but it certainly felt real. I was conscious (I think), coz I could see my surroundings and I tried to scream, but I only heard myself moaning. I tried to move but I couldn't. So I prayed in my head and after the prayer I was back to normal. I could move, I could speak and I certainly cannot remember opening my eyes becasue they were already open. ANUBEH?! Bangungot ba yun o gising ako?! Scary.

It used to happen to me every night a few years back. I remember sleeping with the lights on coz I was so scared to sleep. Suddenly it went away, been sleeping normally since then until last night. Hay... I think I'd rather it be bangungot (although it's also scary) than an haunting. There I said the word. Hehehe. I mean c'mon?

I wasn't able to accomplish much last Sunday coz I spent most of the day confined in my room. But I thankfully, I was able to finish my part for the Learning Lab Survival Kit, one of our Sprint Champs action plans to address some issues in Operations.

Eh, so what is the Sprint Champion's League? I've been blogging about that but haven't really delved into it. Long story short, it's like the Sprint Congress, where 13 agents and 3 Team Leads are voted by the Sprint Care population to represent the agents and address their issues. I was fortunate enough to be voted, which came as a surprise coz I didn't think I knew a lot of people in Operations. I didn't even know I was nominated coz I just got back from off. Sure it's an ego boost, hehe, at least I'm honest enough to admit that :p but I also see that as opportunity to make changes and let our voices be heard.

I must admit I felt demotivated to go to work, specially since a lot of my friends have been resigning due to personal reasons and also due to frustrations at work. But at least now I feel we can do something about the frustrations at work part. I take this as an oppurtunity to let the management know how we feel and not just randomly ranting to other people about it.

So far I think its working. We've had several planning sessions already and there have been some changes. My Congressmates, as we playfully call each other have been taking the task seriously and I am optimistic we can do this. :) What also makes the Champ's League fun for me is because I'm with some of my Superfriends. It doesn't really feel like work then. I didn't mind that we pulled a double shift 2 weeks ago for the planning session. Well, I didn't feel tired during, but I was plastered right after. Hehehe. It was a good thing I was on leave the next day.

Last Friday, I also tried out as a Subject Matter Expert with some of my Superfriends. We had our first assessment and inital interviews and I just found out that I passed the first round. Wish me luck on the 2nd round. Hmm.. I'm thinking I'm probably going to have a lot of stuff to do if I became an SME and as a member of the Sprint Champs, but I'll cross the bridge when I get there. If it doesn't work out, hey, at least I tried :)