a day i will never forget

Sunday, January 06, 2008

I will never ever forget Jan. 5, 2008.

My gulay! It's just 5 days intot he new year and I already have a mega-embarrassing moment. It's funny now that I think about it but yesterday, I was so mortified I wanted the floor to swallow me again.

Every girl can relate with me about embarrassing moments during "red-letter days", and I do know that if what happened to me yesterday would happen to them, they'd want the floor to swallow them whole too. Hehehe!

I realize this is a "sensitive subject" and it's way too much information (haha!) but I can't help but blog about it. Hehehe.

So, long story short, I was at work about to start my shift when disaster struck. Di ako makaisip ng less embarrassing term, so isusulat ko na. Eeewy! natagusan ako. Its a good thing that I have a jacket so I ran to the cr. My friend Kitkat, one of the TLs saw me ang followed me. She asked what was wrong and I told her I have to go home coz it's really bad. She said we'd have to tell my TL & our Shift Manager. Waw! That I did not want to do simply because my TL & my Shift Manager are both males. Yes, I know it;s a fact of life and they have sisters or gfs who have had the same experience, but they're still males. I so do not want to tell them. So Kitkat said she'll tell Paul.

When I got back to our workstations, I told Paul, I have to go home. He asked why naturally, and I said, "Basta. I can't tell you but I really have to go home." He said, "how can I give you permission to go home if I don't know why you have to?" So I said, "Uh, I have a medical emergency." Wahaha! Medical emergency?! At kelan pa naging medical emergency yun?! So panic naman sha, "Ano nangyari?!" Tinginan kami ni Kitkat, sabi ko, "I can't tell him." So Kitkat was the one who told him. You can see his discomfort and I wanted the floor to swallow me. He said that if it were up to him, he'd let me, but we'd have to ask the Shift Manager's permission and even the Operation's Manager, who also happens to be male. (Punyemas! baket kasi puro lalaki mga supervisor ko?! Unlike with the old program who were all females.)

While the three of us were talking, Dean the Shift Manager was walking towards us. Paul went to him, presumably I thought, to tell Dean I had to go home. So I fixed my things and Kitkat went back to her team. Then Paul called me and said, "kausapin ka daw ni Dean." I was mortified. Now I have to tell him, too?! pootah, lamunin na sana ako ng lupa!

Dean asks, "O Paul said you're going home. Baket?" I couldn't look at them but from the corner of my eye, I can see P's discomfort. I told D, I have a medical emergency and he said, "What's your emergency? Sige na tell me." I said, "Ayaw ko, hiya ako." Then Paul whispered my reason for going home. Wahahaha! Awkward moment! Dean couldn't look at me, I couldn't look at them and Paul I think was wishing he as somewhere else. Then Dean, scratching his head said, "Okay that's a problem. You can go home, be back before 10, 9 would be better. balik ka na lang para you won't be absent. Paul will just send me and the WFM the attendance correction" I hastily said Thank you, grabbed my things and went home.

I got home, took a bath and got ready to go back to work. I didn't really want to go back to work but I figured it's more embarrassing if I didn't go back. Just act liek nothing happened and evrything will be okay.

When our driver arrived and saw me back home, he had this confused look on his face. Haha! I told him. "Di ka nanaginip kanina, hinatid mo nga ako nung 3am, papahatid uli ako pagkahatid kila Chie." He looked so confused!

I got back to the office at 8:30, my teamamtes didn't even knew I went home, they thought I was just somewhere on the Operations Area or was uptraining. My friends noticed my wardrobe change and I told them I had a wardrobe malfunction and I had to go home. ^_^

All throughout my shift, I didn't want to see our Shift Manager. If we were walking and are paths are about to cross, I turn the other way. I was doing everything to avaoid seeing him. I wasn't so lucky. By the end of my shift, while Kitkat and I were talking as we were waiting for our friends' shifts to end, Dean passed by and stopped to chat. Argh! He asked how I was, told him I was fine and that I got back at 8:30. I wanted to tell him, "Go on, move along. Uwi ka na!!!" Thankfully he stayed less than 5 minutes.

On the way home, the events of the day kept replaying in my head. I couldn't help but cringe and laugh and bethankful that the day is about to end.

Next year when I answer the year-end survey, I will write Jan. 5, 2008 as the day I will always remember from 2008.