busy week

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It has been quite a busy week for the Sprint Champs, but I'm honestly enjoying it.

Most of the week we've been in meetings/planning sessions and executing our action plans. We have a new adviser, Fides, but we'll still be working with TL Eric on certain projects.

The week started with meetings and ended with 3 events. 1. The Program GA, 2. The Jon Carlson visit & 3. The Tribal Welcome for the Learning Lab Wave 22 to production.

Sprint Vice President for Customer Care, Jon Carlson, arrived last Thursday and I was part of the Jonb Carlson Committee, along with James, Fides & TL Karen. We worked out the logistics and the preparation of the Shaw Site. We were also tasked to send out the hypes for the visit and to make sure that certain guidelines were met, namely; a. remember to be on our best behavior; b. follow the English Only Policy while in the Operation's Area; and c. be in business casual on said date. Hypes were also sent out reminding the Operations people about the English Only Zone.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday shifts were the busiest. Wednesday because we were preparing for the Program GA & Jon Carlson's visit, Thursday & Friday because those were the dates of said events. It was such a busy week that I think I've rendered a total of 18 hours overtime for this week alone.

Most days when I get home I'm so tired that I'm asleep as soon as I lay down on the bed. I was so sleepy and tired on the way home that on the busiest day of the past week, I left my Starbucks' Planner on the bus. I never even realized I lost it until I got home and looked for the notes of the proposal I was supposed to finish at home. I felt so bad because there were a lot of important notes regarding our projects there. Thank God for a good Samaritan, who got my planner and left it with the Airport Security, who contacted me.

The Program GA was set last Friday morning, where Ahyee our site director, announced the progress of the program and the changes that have been made so far. All the Sprint Champs were busy organizing the GA and making sure that everything was set. Our first event was a blockbuster. Judging from the first 3 runs of the GA, attendance was in my best guess-timate, at least 80 %. Not bad for a GA that had only 2 days of preparation.

One of the announcements made by Ahyee was that we're going to have a new Operations Manager handling Special Projects, and I am very glad to know that it's going to be Carmen, who was my Grade School classmate and High School batchmate. I haven't seen her since HS Graduation and I'm glad that we'll be working together real soon.

The first project of the Sprint Champs is to assist the newbies in Learning Lab. During the week, we were floor supports for them and it culminated with the Tribal Welcome yesterday. I think it was a success, judging from the eagerness of the new wave and the absenteeism/attrition rates, as compared to the previous waves. Hopefully their positive attitude wouldn't waver when they transition to Operations next week.

This past week there was a flurry of activity that I wasn't able to feel that my TL wasn't around. I guess I will be feeling that on Monday, when our new TL is announced. Engk. I'm so not looking forward to it.