December = FUN

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wow.. it's been so long since I last blogged that I can't seem to remeber how. Hehehe! Okay, taht's an exagerration :p but I did miss blogging. It just seems like everytime I try to blog, I can't compose a single sentence.

First thing's first, mega-belated Christmas greetings to evryone. I hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all the best in th e coming New Year! :)

So, what have I been up to lately? I don't even know where to begin. Haha!

The weekends of December have been fullybooked and although it's quite tiring, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :) The first Sunday of Dec, we had the company Christmas Party, Urban Glam, at the World Trade Center, Pasay. Yep, I think that was the earliest Christmas Party I ever had. Hehehe. I came with Shelay and Ness and we were met by JR, who saved a table for us. Everyone wasOne of the first pesons I saw when we got to the venue was my former TL, who's now a Shift Manager for a different program. La lang, it was nice seeing him again :)

The party was supposed to start at 8:30pm, but you know Filipino time, it started about 30 or so minutes late. But it did give us enough time to catch up on things, take lots of pictures, eat and save seats for friends who came late (ehem, ehem, you know who you are. ahaha!). The party wasn't like what I expected ( I guess I expected too much) but I had fun. I NEVER. EVER dance in public, but I did that night. Hahahah!

The after party was a blast! The superfriends and I were supposed to go to Pier 1 but it was packed (coz most of the people from Urban Glam went there, so we decided to go to Malate. We ended up in Gilligan's. just ate and had some drinks. But it got really boring coz we couldn't fit inside. and we couldn't hear the band. After eating we proceeded to FAb and danced the night away. Soulmate Shelay had an impromptu concert, which had all of us in stitches.

The next Sunday, the Superfriends had another event. Yveth's baby Irwin's baptism in Silang, Cavite. I was one of the Godmothers so I cannot skip the event (as if I'd want to :p) Dads, Pee-em, James and I were the first to arrive. We got a bit lost but we still made it to the church cerem,ony. Shelay, Memon Mike and Kayeee were just in time for the reception. Hehehe! After lunch it was videoke time. Superfriends + Videoke = non-stop fun. Nung kami na ang humawak ng mic, wala nang nakasingit sa amin. Hehehe! Pero in fairness, di namn kami boses palaka (ay nagbuhat ng bangko!) You should hear my dear, Memon sing. As I told him before, "Nakakalimuten ko si t00t! pag kumanta ka na." :)

The third Sunday of December was the day of the Superfriend's Christmas Party. I have a lot of kwentos but I'd let the pictures tell it. (If I can find a way to finally post it. Sus. Oh, I also remeber making a pact that whatever happened in Kulot's place, will stay there. Haha! kaloka. Oo na, redundant na but I had FUN.

I have a lot of pictures and videos taken from all the events but our PC's USB port is not working so I can't upload it yet. I can't wait to upload the pictures but I am more excited to upload the videos.

I'll post about our Christmas celebration tomorrow (hopefully). I just found out that tomorrow we'll be inducted as members of the Champion's League. Which reminds me, I'd have to write about that too. Haha!

Is It Okay If I Call You Mine - Paul McCrane

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Is it okay if I call you mine
Just for a time?
And I will be just fine
If I know that you know
That I'm wanting, needing your love, oh woh woh woh.

If I ask of you, is it alright
If I ask you to hold me tight
Through a cold, dark night?
'Cause there maybe a cloudy day in sight,
And I need to let you know
That I might be needing your love, oh woh woh woh.


And what I'm tryin' to say isn't really new;
It's just the thins that happen to me
When I'm reminded of you

Like when I hear your name,
Or see a place that you've been,
Or pass a house that you've been in one time or another;
It sets off something in me I can't explain,
And I can't wait to see you again,
Oh babe, I love your love, oh woh woh woh.