halo halo lang

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's been a while since I last blogged. I put the blame on a lot of things, hehee. First, it's becasue of our OT everyday mode (labag man sa kalooban ko, di ako makatanggi pag nirequest na mag_OT ako. tanga mode!). Second, I'm too tired to blog, when I'm home I just want to lay on my bed and sleep to my heart's content. Third, three's so much to write about, I don't know where to start and so I end up not writing at all. Haha!

First things first, where where you during yesterday's eartquake? I was supposed to write about this yesterday when the news was still fresh but I got distracted. I just turned the PC off to concentrate on the "secret box conversation" with my friend, and I thought it was time for me to rest. Ay, I'm sorry I digressed. ^_^

Anyway, back to my earlier question. "Where were you during yesterday's earthquake?" I was at work and I've never been more happier that our office is now at the second floor of the Annez@Shaw and not the 16th Floor of PBCom Tower. Yikes! I remember the earthquake when we were still in PBCom, it wasn't as strong as yesterday's but since we were at the 16th floor, it felt stronger.

I was actually in a call when the earthquake struck. I was so surprised I blurted, "Ay, earthquake!" I forgot to hit the mute button, so the person I was speaking with heard my surprised and panicky reaction and she panicked herself. Wahahaah! She said, "Whaaat/! What?! There's an earthquake? What's happening?!" I had to stiffle a laugh at her reaction and apologetically explained that I was in South East Asia. Haha! Nakakatawa, sobrang panic sha. Lalo na siguro kung nandito sha.

Moving on, I feel that things at home have been better. It's still not as it was before but there's a marked improvement. I hope it gets better in time.

Hay, I found out yesterday that quite a number of my friends at work have either tendered their resignations or are thinking of resigning. Ang sad. I know they have theri reasons pero nakakalungkot pa din. I already miss one of my closest friends at work. Jena had been on a prolonged leave of absence and she formally tendered her resignation a couple of weeks ago. She texted a few days ago that the Shift Manager and the Operations Manager already signed her letter. :( I haven't seen her since October. Miss ko na sha. Hopefully I'll see her on Saturday at the very early Christmas Party.

My trusty phone is breathing it's last breath. I can feel it. It still works but the keypad is weird and the battery dies out faster even if I've charged it. Ramdam ko na nanghihingi na sha ng kapalit para makapagpahinga sha. Hehehe.. I htink my phone is more than 4 years old already, so it's due for an upgrade. It's the end of an era. Hahaha! ang baduy!

I haven't watched TV as much as I used to. The couch potato in me is on vacaion mode (not by choice), but I'm still able to watch some of my favorite shows like Grey's Anatomy, House, CSI & Heroes. I've been meaning to watch Brothers and Sisters but I didn't have time to watch the frist episode. I like to start shows not watch it in the middle or something. SO when I failed to catch the pilot episode, I didn't bother watching the next episodes. Until last night. Hehe. My friend mentioned it was a good show (I was actually surprised that he watches it, hehe, it doesn't seem like his type of show. Ay, sorry I digressed again.. ADD mode :p). I got curious and decided to watch the replay on Starworld. I gotta say I loved it. Now if I can only get a dvd of the complete season. Hmm...

Hala, late na pala. Gotta sleep na. :)