Tuesday, October 09, 2007


That's my body screaming in pain. Hehehe.. sounds so dramatic, no? Like something really bad happened to me. Sorry naman, but my lower back is aching, as well as my shoulders. My feet are killing me. IT's even painful to sit down. The only position I feel better is when I am lying in bed.

So what did iI do to feel this way?

Ayun, nagpapakabibo kasi yung team ko (TL aminin mo, nagpapakabibo tayo, hahaha!) My TL, Paul, and four team mates, JR, James & Memon went to the house yesterday, so we could make the props/costumes for the Program unveiling of the Team banners.

I was supposed to pick them up at the Annex at 10am, but Paul was late (tsk, tsk) and we still had stuff to buy, so we decided to meet at Shang. We arrived at the house arnd 1pm but we had lunch at 3 coz I still had to cook our lunch (kasi nga late si Paul - but we ate something on the road, so i guess it was ok).

From 1pm - 10:00pm we worked on our props/costumes and had a lot of fun. Even if we had a lot of stuff to do, we enjoyed each other's company. I cranked up the stereo, connected JR's ipod and sang along to the music while working, taking pictures, eating junk food, and laughing the day away.

We were covered in paint and glitters by the time we finished. I mentioned we should have taken before and after pictures, everyone agreed but we really didn''t know we'd end up looking like we did after everything was done. They didn't even bring extra shirts (except for JR who had the insight, hehe), coz we never expected we'd be doing suck hard work. On paper our plan looked easy enough. We were wrong ^_^.

They lef the house around 11 pm, exhausted but in good spirits. I was so glad they liked the food I cooked. I admit I was a bit worried coz I haven't cooked for anyone except family. I mean they're your family, of course thye'd say they liked the food, right? Hehehe!

I fell asleep immediately after taking a luxurious bath. I was even texting TL Kitkat but I fell asleep even before I sent my reply. Heheh, I woke up holding my cellphone, still with half the message composed.

As soon as I tried to get up, my body started screaming Ouch! I could hardly get up. It felt like somone punched me all over (not that I'd know how it feels - never will - but you know what I mean :p) I thought it was only me who felt that way, but TL texted and said he felt sore all over. Ahahah! kasi naman, kina-reer namin yung paggawa ng mge props. Pag natalo kami, magpoprotesta ako. Ahaha! Dapat may prize for the effort. ^_^

Aray... Sige na, mapapahid muna ako ng Alaxan ointment (uy, inendorse pa. hahaah!)

*Pictures to follow.