sick day

Monday, October 29, 2007

I was supposed to render 6th day OT tonight but I'm here stuck at home with a freaking fever. I spent the last two days in my room sleeping, freezing, reading and watching tv. Sounds nice, except fro the freezing part, but I didn't enjoy doing nothing. Not while my head is throbbing and was just feeling icky all over.

Eveyone at work has been getting sick the past couple of weeks and I'm just the latest victim of the big, walking virus that is WIlcor. Ahahaha! We've been kidding her that she brought the virus to work. I don't actually know if she was the first person to get sick but everyday someone at work starts sneezing or coughing or is on sick leave. Actually, in fairness to her, I don't think she's the only reason everyone is getting sick at work. Most nights it's like Winter Wonderland (as Kulot calls it) at work, and when we leave the office, it's so hot outside of rain suddenly pours.

I just wish they Lysol the place or hopefully make the air purifier work, or better yet, make the temperature in the Ops Area more conducive to working and not for freezing.

I hope tomorrow I'd feel a lot better. I don't like being cooped up at home when's it's not my choice. Hehehe.

Metacomosis Party and the day Kimi became the F1 Champ :D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hmm.. It's been a while since I wrote a blog entry. I've been super busy the past few weeks with all the activities at work and everytime I get home, I'm just too sleepy to think and write about my life. I could only post pics and reply to comments as those actions do not require much thinking. :p

I just got home from the Sprint/Cosmos Metacosmosis Red Party, which was the Program's Kick-off Party. It was held at the Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse, and was supposed to start at 9:30 but started an hour late. Hehe. Had a lot of fun, mostly because of the people I was with. My friends and I haven't been out since Kim's despedida.

A lot of people didn't go to the party, either because they had shifts tonight or didnt really feel like going. I actually didn't want to go earlier but I thought I deserved some time off because work has been stressful. And I'm glad my friends bugged me into going. I stayed for about 4 hours and the party wasn't even on high gear yet. I have no idea what time it ended.

It was also a good thing I went coz one of my close friends from the old program went, too. We had a lot to catch up on as I haven't seen her since May.

I have a feeling my entry is not as coherent as I would like it to be. Parang feeling ko patalon-talon ako ng topic. Haha! OC lang...

I'm not going to proofread this before I post it coz I think I won't be able to finish this entry if I do. Hehe.

When I got home, I still could't sleep so I went online. First thing I checked was the results of the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix. It was the last race of the Season and there was a 3 way tie for the Driver's Champrionship. I am soooo happy that Kimi Raikkonen finally won! Woohoo! I have been waiitng for him to win the Championship for the last 5 years and he wins it on the day I wasn't able to watch it. Dang! I have to watch the replay of that race.

Congrats, Kimi! (waw.. feeling close :p)


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


That's my body screaming in pain. Hehehe.. sounds so dramatic, no? Like something really bad happened to me. Sorry naman, but my lower back is aching, as well as my shoulders. My feet are killing me. IT's even painful to sit down. The only position I feel better is when I am lying in bed.

So what did iI do to feel this way?

Ayun, nagpapakabibo kasi yung team ko (TL aminin mo, nagpapakabibo tayo, hahaha!) My TL, Paul, and four team mates, JR, James & Memon went to the house yesterday, so we could make the props/costumes for the Program unveiling of the Team banners.

I was supposed to pick them up at the Annex at 10am, but Paul was late (tsk, tsk) and we still had stuff to buy, so we decided to meet at Shang. We arrived at the house arnd 1pm but we had lunch at 3 coz I still had to cook our lunch (kasi nga late si Paul - but we ate something on the road, so i guess it was ok).

From 1pm - 10:00pm we worked on our props/costumes and had a lot of fun. Even if we had a lot of stuff to do, we enjoyed each other's company. I cranked up the stereo, connected JR's ipod and sang along to the music while working, taking pictures, eating junk food, and laughing the day away.

We were covered in paint and glitters by the time we finished. I mentioned we should have taken before and after pictures, everyone agreed but we really didn''t know we'd end up looking like we did after everything was done. They didn't even bring extra shirts (except for JR who had the insight, hehe), coz we never expected we'd be doing suck hard work. On paper our plan looked easy enough. We were wrong ^_^.

They lef the house around 11 pm, exhausted but in good spirits. I was so glad they liked the food I cooked. I admit I was a bit worried coz I haven't cooked for anyone except family. I mean they're your family, of course thye'd say they liked the food, right? Hehehe!

I fell asleep immediately after taking a luxurious bath. I was even texting TL Kitkat but I fell asleep even before I sent my reply. Heheh, I woke up holding my cellphone, still with half the message composed.

As soon as I tried to get up, my body started screaming Ouch! I could hardly get up. It felt like somone punched me all over (not that I'd know how it feels - never will - but you know what I mean :p) I thought it was only me who felt that way, but TL texted and said he felt sore all over. Ahahah! kasi naman, kina-reer namin yung paggawa ng mge props. Pag natalo kami, magpoprotesta ako. Ahaha! Dapat may prize for the effort. ^_^

Aray... Sige na, mapapahid muna ako ng Alaxan ointment (uy, inendorse pa. hahaah!)

*Pictures to follow.

victory is sweet

Monday, October 08, 2007

Victory is sweet

And so we're back!

Congratulations to the UAAP Season 70 Champs...

our DLSU Green Archers!

Thanks for keeping the ANIMO Spirit alive

ANIMO, La Salle!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Redemption. That's how I would sum up yesterday's do-or-die battle between arch rivals Ateneo de Manila University and my alma mater, De La Salle University. After sitting out last year's UAAP Season, the Archers are back with a vengeance.

I loved what Coach Franz said, “This is the only time that two is greater than three. They beat us three times (this season), but we beat them when it counted the most.”

As expected, it was another classic game between the two schools. It was exciting from start to finish. I'm not much of a game commentator, so bear with me. Hehee. Suffice to say it was another game for the books. I was so nervous during the last five mnutes, especially when. "The Eagles came up with one last gasp as rookie center Nonoy Baclao surprisingly nailed a triple to trim the margin by a basket, 62-60, with 13.6 seconds left." It was a good thing JV Casio & Rico Maierhofer sank 3out 4 freethrows after that.

It was a nail biting kind of a game. Hehehe! And it completely erased my disappointment when DLSU lost to ADMU last Thursday. It wouldn't erase the dissapointing and irritating cheerdance competition but it came close. Hahaha!

Even if I had been awake fon 20 hours by the time the game started, I wouldn't have missed it. I wanted to watch it live at the Araneta but the tickets sold like hotcakes (after all it was one of the season's most awaited game) and I'm not fool enough to buy from the scalpers. ^_^ They certainly made a killing by selling General Admission tickets, which normally sell for PhP50 for Php500 and Patron seats selling for Php6,000 a piece. Whoa... Nood na lang ako sa TV. Haha!

Before the game even started, my TL texted me about the game. Asaran kami, because he was rooting for ADMU. I would have won if we pushed through with the bet. Hahaha! Sayang. It was a good thing I had unlimited texting yesterday. Ang kulit ni TL parang commentator sa text. Shempre, di naman ako papatalo sa mga hirit nya. Wahaha! Buti na lang nanalo kami, as I had the last laugh. ^_^

Game One of the Champtionship series against The UE Warriors will be on Thursday at 3pm. It will be a tough series, as the Archers haven't won against the Warriors yet and they've had a lot of time to prepare. BUt I think the momentum is on DLSU's side. It's certainly another game to look forward to.

ANIMO La Salle!

* quotes from the Philippine Daily inquirer article, found here