windang pa ako...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First day of Learning Lab (Nesting Period) over and I am exhausted.

Time flew so fast, I was surprised when they told us it was time to log out, but after the shift I felt dazed. Nakakaloka!!!!

From the time I got to work to the time we had to log in, I was so nervous, my hands were literally shaking. I am not kidding. Looking back it was funny because every one was in panic mode even before the calls started coming in.

The anticipation was the worst. By the time I got my first call, I was so worked up, I was confused at first on how to navigate the system. It was a good thing we had ample support. There were about 35 Sprint Care SMEs from the US and 10 local SMEs from the other call centers which also handles the Sprint account. They were a big help. If they weren't there, I'm pretty sure I would have fainted. Hahaha!

The succeeding calls were better and I was even able to upsell (not included in my goal for that day, it was an added bonus, hehe). I think I had one call for each of the scenarios we had talked about in training, while my team mates got mostly billing calls. Hello?! That seems unfair. But looking back, it's good practice. And it's not as if we can choose the calls that would be routed to us. :p

Everyone looked drained after logging out. I don't know if it was because of the large number of calls, or because of pressure, or the situations we encountered. I am so not excited to go to work tonight. Hahaha!

After shift some friends and I had breakfast at Watering Hole. I didn't think I was hungry. Boy, was I wrong! When our food arrived, all conversation stopped. Hahaha! We were so hungry, we concentrated on our food. ^_^ Di na nakasalita sa pagod at gutom. Wawa naman. And to think its only our first day. WaaaH!