school day at work?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My head is still swimming with visions of a big school assembly. Maybe more like a gathering of different schools, coz last night was "School Night" at work. Everyone was strongly encouraged to wear their high school or college uniforms. Nyar!

I was about to go to sleep yesterday when my friend sent me a text message saying we're all supposed to wear our uniforms. I knew about that prior to my friend's text message but I had no intention of wearing my high school uniform because of three things: 1. I'm fairly certain that I didn't keep any of my uniforms, and 2. even if I did keep one set, I sincerely doubt that it would still fit me, as high school seems like eons ago; and 3. if it does fit me, I think I'd look like an idiot wearing the ruffly blouse and the blue jumper of St. Scho HS.

KJ na kung KJ but I really didn't want to wear a uniform, so I just improvised. I wore a white blouse and a blue vest plus jeans. I brought a blue skirt, just in case I really had to wear a uniform. Hehe, buti na lang ok lang.

It was kind of amusing to see people walking around the Ops area, wearing their old school uniforms. Even our Shift Manager wore her Assumption HS uniform. There was even one TL who wore what looked like a big version of a kindergarten student's uniform. Hahaha! mukhang Bondying, kumpleto pa sha, may backpack. Ay kulang pala, wala shang lunch box. Wahahaahaha!