totoo na ito :p

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yes, it's final. Client Specific Training for the new program will start this coming week. Everything's set up. Our log in IDs are ready and barring any unforseen event, we'll be in training mode for a month.

I can finally say goodbye to VonageCS. Woohoo! Here's to the new program, and hopefully it will be much, much better than my previous one.

It was funny yesterday when we took our last calls for VonCS. We were all like, "Is this for real? Was that really our last call for VonCS? If someone calls this weekend to tell me the CST for the new program will be moved another week, I'll go berserk" Hehehe.

To celebrate our last day, and because it was also the birthdays of 2 of my wave one friends, we made plans to go out. But it was kinda frustrating that no one answered the emails and the texts the previous days, so no plans were finalized.
What was supposed to be a videoke night or movie night went pfft. Of the wave one peeps, only Jena, James, MIke and I ended up at Gilligan's for dinner and drinks. Kim followed later. But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the night. It didn't matter that we were only 5, we had fun. And dinner was great. :) Thanks for the treat, Mike & James!

Ilang araw na lang, magkakapalit-palit na kaming apat ng mukha. Except for Kim, magkakasama na naman kami next week for training. Hehehe.

So it's back to Libis for me at four-freaking-am. Back to the slow elevators in CyberOne, and back to eat all you can breakfasts at Something Fishy. :) Hopefully this time, we'll get to see Dushkabels (my pet name for our former TL).

Hopefully before August, we'd be training at the new Shaw site. Mike said the computers are already set up, as well as the networks. The only problem? There's no electricity and water yet. Ano ba yun? From what I know of construction (dad's an architect), on the top of the to-do list would be electricity and water. Nakakatawa sila. :p