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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Got this bit of news from my cousin Lon. Woohoo!

the irritating newbie

Monday, July 23, 2007

First week of client specs done and I must say I'm having a bit of information overload. There's just too much to take in. And my gulay, it's just the first week! I cannot imagine how much info I'd have to retain over the next few weeks.

I am getting anxious about the nesting period already and it's still 3 weeks away. It's a client requirement that we all take in calls during the nesting period, no exceptions, even the client manager, operations managers, trainers, and team leaders will have to take in calls. I think that's a good idea, so we'd all be able to apply what we've learned in training. :) I just hope I be able to remember the important stuff (which is pretty much everything at this point.

Speaking of training, I got an email last Saturday from Patrick, the Training Supervisor from the old program, asking me if I'm still interested in the position I applied for a few months ago. Hay.. All I could do was laugh. Why couldn't he have asked that 3 weeks ago, when I was still with the old program? Sayang... but I have to move on. I emailed him back that I'm already in training for the new program. I don't know if he already replied, as I have Sun-Mon off days. I'll know tomorrow.

I mentioned the email to my friend, Mike (who's one of our trainers), and he told me that they still need 2 people for the new program (same position that was mentioned by Patrick) and if I'm interested, he'd tell their Training Supervisor. Nyah! I got nervous instantly and I told him I'd have to think about it. Then I got to thinking, "Shungak, this is what you wanted, right? So why are you having second thoughts?" And I told myself, "I don't know". Ally McBeal moment right there, having a conversation with myself :p

Information overload aside, the first week of training went well, I think. I know both trainers and the Client, Rob was great. All our questions/clarifications were answered in a timely manner and they entertained each question, even if some of it were kinda stupid. But, as they said, there are no stupid questions. They've been really patient, too. Especially with one of the newbies. Ugh. Nasisira talaga araw ko makita ko lang yun at lalo na pag naririnig ko ang boses nya. He just makes me want to tear my hair out.

One of my pet peeves is being a know-it-all. I mean I really can't stand that. It helps if you could back up what you say, but it makes it more irritating when you're just full of hot air and no substance. The newbie is like that. He keeps making snide remarks and even corrects our trainers, because as he said, he used to handle the same account in another call center. I thnk it's all right to correct someone but it has to be done in a polite way. He just interjects and says, "it's not like that, it should be like this." I very tempted to say, "Then if you know everything, why don't you just stay in front and train us? Better yet, tell HR that you want to be a trainer and not an agent." I'm sorry, but my bitchiness really comes out when I'm faced with people like that.

Since he was such an expert (I'm being sarcastic, hehehe), he was made to report on one of the topics. We barely understood him as he was eating his words. Or his voice could have been fading in and out because he moved around too much. He was flailing in front, like a fish out of water, or maybe he was more like a rapper with all his hand gestures and feet movements. I am not kidding. It was distracting as hell. I was tempted to get a rope to tie him in place. Naturally, since we couldn't understand most of what he reported on, we asked some clarifying questions. Wala shang nasagot. Ang haba-haba ng sinabi nya pero wala dun yung sagot. Pina-ikot-ikot lang nya. ARGH!

Our training schedule is from 4am-1pm. And it takes no expert to surmise that training during these hours is even harder. It's natural for us to get drowsy or bored specially with technical topics. We're not the only ones making the sacrifice, even our trainers are. And speaking from experience, it's very challenging to train people during that time, so it's doubly hard for them. The least we could do was listen and give them the respect that they deserve. The newbie might have been absent when respect was being taught, as he kept standing and stretching. Pwede naman shang mag-excuse at lumabas muna ng room para maghilamos o magstretch kung inaantok sha.

One time I asked the client a question about the billing cycle. Rob said, "Good question, but we'd have to park that for now, we'll discuss it fully when we get to that topic next week." I said okay and the training resumed. I heard the newbie asking the girl behind me what my name was and he tried to get my attention after the girl told him my name. I could hear him, heck, the whole room probably heard him, but I chose to ignore him (oo na, salbahe ako :p pero di ko talaga feel makipag-usap sa kanya). When he couldn't get my attention, he tapped my shoulder. I had to look by then. Then he started answering my earlier question. I swear, I spaced out. I cannot remember what he said. All I could think of while he was talking was, "blah..blah.. blah.." After that I just said okay.

During the break my friend told me, "You should have seen your face when the guy was talking to you." and asked her how I looked. She said, "Well, I can see how irritated you were with the guy. You had a bored look on your face and one of your eyebrows was raised. It was like you were telling him, are you done yet?" Hehehe... ang bitchy ko no? Di talaga ako pwede sa poker. I don't have a poker face. I'm very transparent, as in you'd see how I feel just by looking at me. Just imagine if I'm playing poker and I have a great hand, my opponents would know ^_^

I hope tomorrow he'll no longer be like that. He was already given a warning by the trainers, as the client already complained about his distracting conduct. Sana nga. Di naman halata na inis ako sa kanya no? Waw.. talagang isang blog entry pa para sa kanya :p

Tomorrow we'll be training in the new Shaw site. Yehey! At least my travel time would be shorter than if we were still in Libis. The only dowside, we'd have to bring baon as the only establishment open during that time is Ministop. We'd have to cross EDSA to get to McDo. And it's quite a looooong walk up and down the pedestrian overpass.

I hope I wake up earlier so I can prepare my lunch.

i can stare at this picture all day

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Guapo no? This is Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Peter Petrelli in the most awesome TV Series ever (for me. that is), Heroes. Who would have thought that being born with dead nerve endings in the lower left lip would be so sexy?

totoo na ito :p

Yes, it's final. Client Specific Training for the new program will start this coming week. Everything's set up. Our log in IDs are ready and barring any unforseen event, we'll be in training mode for a month.

I can finally say goodbye to VonageCS. Woohoo! Here's to the new program, and hopefully it will be much, much better than my previous one.

It was funny yesterday when we took our last calls for VonCS. We were all like, "Is this for real? Was that really our last call for VonCS? If someone calls this weekend to tell me the CST for the new program will be moved another week, I'll go berserk" Hehehe.

To celebrate our last day, and because it was also the birthdays of 2 of my wave one friends, we made plans to go out. But it was kinda frustrating that no one answered the emails and the texts the previous days, so no plans were finalized.
What was supposed to be a videoke night or movie night went pfft. Of the wave one peeps, only Jena, James, MIke and I ended up at Gilligan's for dinner and drinks. Kim followed later. But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the night. It didn't matter that we were only 5, we had fun. And dinner was great. :) Thanks for the treat, Mike & James!

Ilang araw na lang, magkakapalit-palit na kaming apat ng mukha. Except for Kim, magkakasama na naman kami next week for training. Hehehe.

So it's back to Libis for me at four-freaking-am. Back to the slow elevators in CyberOne, and back to eat all you can breakfasts at Something Fishy. :) Hopefully this time, we'll get to see Dushkabels (my pet name for our former TL).

Hopefully before August, we'd be training at the new Shaw site. Mike said the computers are already set up, as well as the networks. The only problem? There's no electricity and water yet. Ano ba yun? From what I know of construction (dad's an architect), on the top of the to-do list would be electricity and water. Nakakatawa sila. :p