Feeling bola lang ^_^

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I just got bombarded by texts from my wave one friends and calls from TLs and SMEs that we will be going back to the Makati site next week to take in calls, as our Client Specific trainers aren't ready yet (or something). Haha! funny naman.. bombarded isn't the right term but it's close.

Hay.. I feel like a ball because of this situation. I mean, they moved us to the new program, had 2 days of refresher foundation training and now that we're ready to undergo Client Specs, they bounce us back to the old program to take calls for a week. Hello?! IT just fixed our profiles, removed our access to the web tools for the old program, and updated to the new program. How are we going to take in calls without the program access? They're going to reformat our profiles again? Hassle!

But, looking on the bright side, at least I'll be in Makati again. And we're on the morning shift, 6am-3pm.And I'll see my other friends again. Ooh! faster elevators, too! (more on that later :p) Plus, I have 3 days off :)

Sige na nga, ok na din. Even if I'll say the VonCS opening spiel again.

Anyway, we just finished our refresher foundation training and additional sales training. Hay.. this program will have upselling as a KPI again. But I think it's easier to sell the new program's products. :)

We had a mixed class of agents from CS & TS, but there were more CS people. First training day was ok. Then the two trainers decided to place the CS peeps and TS peeps together in one class. I liked our first trainer but I didn't like the 2nd one (too bad as we were with her for 2 days). I dunno, she seemed condescending to me (the others thought so too). But all in all, 1st three training days were ok. It was fun because we had a mascot in Shelay. hehe. She made the boring class better.

As boring as the class was, I feel like I've improved a lot in the sales aspect. I'm more confident and assertive. I just need more practice on the assumptive part. :)

It was great driving form Las PInas to LIbis at 2:30 in the morning as there's no traffic and the normal travel time of an hour and a half was slashed by half. But it's also scary as the roads were not as brightly lit and the distance is still great. Kamusta naman ang gasoline bill? :p

The one thing I really dislike about our Libis site are the elevators. OMG it's slow! As in, our trainers had to extend our breaks because it takes us 15 minutes just to go down. Dami din kasi tao. basta! The elevators cannot accommodate the demands for it. :p

We were also supposed to meet our former TL, who transferred to another program and became the Shift Manager, after his meeting. But because of the slow as turtles elevator we weren't able to. He had to wait 20 minutes to go down, by that time our lunch break was over. Ugh! Miss ko pa naman sha. Hahaha! It's okay though, coz we'll be in Libis for a month, lots of opportunities to see each other and catch up on things. :)

For now, I shall be enjoying my 3 day off.