Thursday, June 21, 2007

wala pa akong tulog...

i had a weird feeling earlier and i just had to check my work mailbox.

then i knew why.

they just announced this morning who will be moving to the new site and to the new program. my friends say i'm one of them. i'll start training next week, in Libis.

i'm confused. i said before that i hated my current program and i'd gladly leave in a heartbeat... now why am i torn? is it because i already psyched myself last week that i will stay in the makati site because of proximity reasons? ewan...

asar. why couldn't they have announced it when i was at work, and not on my off day? i haven't spoken to my TL yet, so there's no official cascade yet. i'm sure she'll speak with me about it later. i just don't know yet what my response would be.