Happy bday to me

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Naku, I'm turning a year older tomorrow. Yikes! Another year, another birthday. :) I'm not going to have a big celebration, just planned a simple day with the family. How old am I? I'm so not going to disclose that. Hahahaa! Suffice to say I'm still in the calendar. Heehee.

And as a birhtday treat to myself, nagpakakikay ako. My hair is now a shiny mahogany. Naks! Arte no? Pagbigyan na.. minsan lang naman ako maging kikay. Chaka bday ko naman. :p

I am done with ACS training. YEY! I'm so glad I passed it with flying colors and that I got a 100% on the mock call and on the final nesting exam as well. The real test will come on Monday when I'll start taking the supervisory calls. Yikes!

Di ko maintindihan kung bakit palagi na lang ako napupunta kay Squidward. Nakakainis talaga. During our mock calls, guess who played the part of the customer? Yup. It was squidward. Just like what happened during foundation training. Good thing I already knew how to handle him, or else I wouldn't have gotten a perfect score. Hahahaha! Siguro sa sobrang asar ko sa kanya, I wanted to prove to him that I can do it. Buti na lang it paid off.

To celebrate the last day of our Training/Nesting period, our class went to the Salcedo Village Weekend Market, which is a couple of blocks away from the office, to have breakfast. It also served as the goodbye/thank you send-off to our three trainers, who were going back to Cebu.

I was looking for the stall of a good chef, CT, coz I really love his paella. O diba? Paella for breakfast, saan ka nakakita ng ganun? ^_^ Sadly, it seemed he wasn't there this weekend.

My favorite Ineng's barbeque was there so I naturally bought that and I also bought some to bring home. Oooh! and I also bought a sugar free decadent chocolate cake (yup, you read that right) and some baked mussels. I was also supposed to buy some organic veggies but I got sidetracked and bought an oreo mousse instead. Hehehe... My friends and I were joking that I'd probably use my HMO card soon and then we saw the lifeline arrows ambulance on stand by. Hehehe. I completely understand why Lifeline Arrows was there. If you'd seen the gastronomic delights on the weekend market, you'd need their services, too.

Kamusta naman yan? I've been awake for 21 hours now. I know I gotta go to sleep but I can't. Di man lang ako inaantok. Ni isang hikab, wala. Nasobrahan yata ako ng chocolate cake...