Goodbye for now, Starbs!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I finally got my Starbucks' planner yesterday. WOOHOO!

I wouldn't have gotten it without my friends' help and the numerous GC's that I saved up from getting good CSAT scores. Yey! Thank goodness for friends who love Starbucks who'd buy the drinks and give the stickers to me. Heehee!

I would have gotten it sooner, but I was so saturated by drinking Toffee Nut Frap (coz that's the only Christmas Blends Drink that I can take - I don't like the Gingerbread & Peppermint Mocha drinks) that I had to stay away from Starbucks for 3 weeks.

I'll probably stay away from Starbs a lot longer now. Probably until next year when the 2008 planner comes along. Hahaha!


Kai said...

Coffee, or anything Starbucks, can get so addicting, eh? Gee, thank God, I'm not one who gets daily vitamins from it, hahaha. Good for you though, it's not all that health-friendly anyway.

Clare said...

waaah! inggit ako! i need 11 more stickers!

missP said...

wowww....sabi ko kay santa paki pick up niya nalang sa atarbucks ng planner ko, but he said he didn't have the time..... wwaaaaaaaaaa!!! wala ako niyan :)

ganda new lay out mo jennie :)

Jennie said...

mega-late replies. so sorry.

kai: yep, coffee can get addicting, specially if there's a "prize" for drinking it. hahahaha! buti na lang i have friends who are so addicted to it and i was able to get the planner. hooray, for friends!

clare: i hope you were able to get the necessary stickers. di bale, you still have until this month. kaya yan!

missp: ang bagal ni santa :p nakita ko sa ebay may for bidding na 2007 planners. di kolang alam kung may nakakuha na.

thanks, nagsawa ako sa dati kong blog layout. :) new look for the new year.