Belated Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I had to work last Christmas Eve & on Christmas night, so I wasn't able to greet you guys. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

And yes, you read that right, I was at work on Christmas Eve. :( No choice eh.

From Dec. 23 - Jan. 2, my shift is from 10pm-7am. Saktong-sakto na nasa trabaho ako ng 12 midnight. Sad.

When I left the house last Christmas Eve, I couldn't help but shed a tear. Especially when I said bye to my dad. I didn't want him to see me cry, so I tried my best not to cry in front of him. When I got to the car, that's when I cried.

It was the first Christmas I spent without my family.

When I got to work, I had to force myself to smile. When I saw one of the Team Leaders and she told me that it was the first time, in 4 years with the company, that she spent Christmas at work. She told me she cried when she left the house. I told her I felt the same way. While we were talking, we were laughing & crying at the same time. Hehehe... We didn't care if looked like fools. We were entitled to it. :)

We had free lunch that day. The company hired a caterer and we had food the whole day. Hehehe! Dapat lang noh.

I had my first break at 12 midnight and I called the house to greet my family a Merry Christmas and my brother on his birthday . My dad answered after 6 or 7 rings. The moment I heard his voice, the tears fell. I greeted him Merry Christmas and I was going to speak to my siblings but dad said they were already asleep. Ay lalo ako nalungkot. When mom was still alive, we were awake until 3am. We'd go to church at 10 and arrive home before midnight and have Noche Buena. This year Christmas felt more sad than last year, our first year without mom. Hay. Yoko na nga, nalungkot na naman ako.

The next day, my cousins went to the house. I only had 3 hours of sleep before going to work, but it was okay. I had fun and it was great seeing my cousins again. :)

On New Year's Eve I'll be at work again, so I let me greet you guys in advance. :)

May you have a very prosperous New Year! Happy 2007!


missP said...

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy this 2007, Jennie! :)

Kai said...

Jennie, thanks for the greet ha. I really appreciate it, di ka nakalimot. ;) Happy new year, and I hope there's less stress for you in 2007. :)