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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

halu! The delinquent blogger is back! :D

I was actually making an entry last Sunday, but something happened and I lost the drive to write. Nothing major, I just lost interest. I know it's vague (hay.. I've been so vague lately, no? :p) but to avoid conflict, I'd have to be. :)

I'm now with a different team at work, but all is good. As my former TL said, "Ok lang yon, magkikita-kita pa naman eh." and he's right. Even if I'm in a different team, I still see them everyday, as we have the same schedule and our workstations are just a quadrant away. I like my new TL. She's very supportive and I appreciate the stuff that she does to make our individual stats better. She & my former TL have different approaches, but they're equally good. Both are motivators and very hands on without being pushy or demanding, unlike the other TLs.

I like my team mates, and it helps that I already knew some of them. There's less adjustment. We've all gotten along, so far. Haha! We had our first team general assembly yesterday. After shift we headed to Gerry's Grill and ate a very heavy breakfast. Hahaha! Parang lunch or dinner pero during breakfast.

Hay... I swear I'm going to gain more weight before the year ends. And it's all Starbucks' fault! Have you seen the 2007 Planner? Ay! I must have it! It's so much better than the 2006 planner. I've already used up the gift certificates that was given to me by our Operations Manager for getting 100% CSAT scores, and I still need stickers. I've been telling friends to use my Starbuck's card so that I can fill it with the needed stickers, but I have a lot of competition at work. Gah. But it's okay. There are a lot of people I could bug/bully to buy their Starbucks drinks so I can get the stickers. Hahahaha!

Plus side to that, I'm even more motivated to get more 100% CSAT scores coz of the Starb's GCs we'll get. Haha! Kesa naman gumastos ako, di gamitin ang GCs. :D

So... anyone for coffee? ;)


Anonymous said...

Mare!!! OMG gusto ko rin nung planner! I only have six stickers so far though...arrrgh!


Jennie said...

hehehe.. my friend, 6 na lang kailangan ko. i left my sticker card with a workmate & pinupuno nya coz she loves starbs a lot & she already got her planner :))