survey break

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Since I haven't blogged in a while and my writing skills are kinda rusty, I'll just post a survey-type thingie, which I got from a friend. This is what my workmates and I used to do back in the days when we had avail time. Seems so long ago... lagi na lang queuing eh.

1. Start Time: ~ 11:42 am (hehehe.. no work today!)
2. Name: ~ Jennifer
3. Nickname: ~Jennie, Jay, Jen, Jepot, Jepotski, Ne, Je, Ba
4. Astrology sign: ~ Aries
5. Gender: ~ female
6. nsan ung 6???? ~ uhmmmm...
7. Hair color: ~ black
8. Eye color: ~ dark brown
9. Height: ~ 5'2 1/2" (don't forget the 1/2!)
10. Favorite color: ~ Blue, Black, Maroon, Purple
11. Glasses: ~ hay... I'm blind without my glasses or contacts 450/450
12. o, wala ding 12?
13. tattoos: ~ none
14. Birthplace: ~ Makati, Metro Manila
15. Area code: ~ +632
16. Friends: ~ everywhere

******HAVE YOU EVER*****

17. cut your own hair?: ~ yup, especially when I don't like the way it's been cut at the salon. I also cut my sister's hair sometimes
18. Done something in the past regret? ~ haven't we all?
19. Have you ever met someone you were not supposed to? ~ oooooh, yes
20. where's 20? dunno
21. Skipped school?: ~ of course ;-p
22. Bungee jumped? ~nope and i don't think I ever will. Too chicken
23. Punched someone? ~ nope, but I felt like punching some people ^_^
24. Cheated on someone? ~ i loathe infidelity - me too!
25. Been arrested? ~ never
26. Broken into someones house? ~ nope
27. Been rejected? ~ who hasn't?
28. Been to a funeral? ~ yes
29. Used a lighter? ~ yup yup


30. Season: ~ Summer & Christmas
31. Ice cream flavor: ~ double dutch, arce dairy queso real & avocado, coffee crumble, rocky road, yes i'm a sweet tooth
32. School subject(s): ~ english lit, visual arts, world history
33. Candy: ~ maxx menthol hahaha! fox's, chocolates na lang: cadbury, van houten, ferrero rocher, hershey's extra creamy with almonds, ricoa flat tops, almonets, maltesers
34. Breakfast: ~ pancake, longsilog, champorado, hotsilog
35. Juice: ~ orange, pinaple, four seasons
36. Book(s): ~ I LOOOOVE THEM!!! :) see my friendster profile na lang
37. Movie(s): ~ see my friendster profile din
38. Song(s): ~ I can't live without music. I have way too many favorites to type it all here, but my flavors of the month are How to Save a Life by The Fray, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol & Angels & Devils by Dishwalla
39. Sport to watch on TV: ~ formula1, tennis, swimming, UAAP basketball, soccer (but only during world cup :p)
40. Letter(s): ~ J & S
41. Favorite fast food restaurant: ~ Jollibee :D
42. Disney Princess: ~ Cinderella & Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
43. TV station: ~ HBO, ETC, Starworld, Discovery Travel & Living, MTV, CNN, Studio 23
44. Name for a son: ~ Matthew or Nathaniel
45. Name for a daughter: ~ Meredith (I liked it even before Gray's Anatomy), Marguerite. or maybe Bernice. I liked Samantha, Alessandra & Cassandra before, but I changed my mind.

******DO YOU PREFER*****

46. Chocolate or Vanilla? ~ I'm a certified chocoholic, so chocolates
47. Alcoholic or none? ~ depends
48. love relationships or friend relationship?: ~ both
49. hello, 49? where are you?
50. Scary movies or comedies? ~ both
51. Short or long hair?: ~ depends on my mood, but i'm growing my hair now. I want it longer this time
52. Croutons or bacon bits? - croutons AND bacon bits


53. Mexicans in general: ~ Zorro :p
54. School: ~ St. Scho
55. Grass: ~ Bermuda
56. Cow: ~ beef! :p
57. Canada: ~ Maple leaf
58. Mouse: ~ Mickey Mouse
59. Hands: ~ my drawing hand. haha

******THE PAST 3 DAYS, HAVE YOU******

60. Watched a movie?: ~ nope
61. Talked on the phone?: ~ yep. all the time! ^_^
62. Cried?: ~ yes
63. Choked?: ~ nope
64. Drank a glass of water?: ~ ay madami
65. Done Drugs?: ~ nope
66. Read a book or magazine?: ~ yes to both
67. Watched TV?: ~ yes
68. Looked in the mirror?: ~ yup yup
69. Taken a shower?: ~ yes
70. Taken a picture?: ~ no
71. Listened to music?: ~ always
72. Kissed someone?: ~ yes
73. Told someone you liked them?: ~ no. takot ko lang. hahahahaha!
74. end time: ~ 12:23

sticker happy

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

halu! The delinquent blogger is back! :D

I was actually making an entry last Sunday, but something happened and I lost the drive to write. Nothing major, I just lost interest. I know it's vague (hay.. I've been so vague lately, no? :p) but to avoid conflict, I'd have to be. :)

I'm now with a different team at work, but all is good. As my former TL said, "Ok lang yon, magkikita-kita pa naman eh." and he's right. Even if I'm in a different team, I still see them everyday, as we have the same schedule and our workstations are just a quadrant away. I like my new TL. She's very supportive and I appreciate the stuff that she does to make our individual stats better. She & my former TL have different approaches, but they're equally good. Both are motivators and very hands on without being pushy or demanding, unlike the other TLs.

I like my team mates, and it helps that I already knew some of them. There's less adjustment. We've all gotten along, so far. Haha! We had our first team general assembly yesterday. After shift we headed to Gerry's Grill and ate a very heavy breakfast. Hahaha! Parang lunch or dinner pero during breakfast.

Hay... I swear I'm going to gain more weight before the year ends. And it's all Starbucks' fault! Have you seen the 2007 Planner? Ay! I must have it! It's so much better than the 2006 planner. I've already used up the gift certificates that was given to me by our Operations Manager for getting 100% CSAT scores, and I still need stickers. I've been telling friends to use my Starbuck's card so that I can fill it with the needed stickers, but I have a lot of competition at work. Gah. But it's okay. There are a lot of people I could bug/bully to buy their Starbucks drinks so I can get the stickers. Hahahaha!

Plus side to that, I'm even more motivated to get more 100% CSAT scores coz of the Starb's GCs we'll get. Haha! Kesa naman gumastos ako, di gamitin ang GCs. :D

So... anyone for coffee? ;)